HR Solutions Webinar:
Protecting Your Business’s Prized Assets, its People

Protecting your business’s prized assets, its people, gives it a better chance of surviving in a fast moving global economy.

The increasing pressure on business owners and management teams to deliver positive returns in an increasingly competitive global economy means that protecting your key people and shareholders has never been so profound.

Join HR Solutions and guest presenter Toby Davidson, founder and Managing Director of Lumin Insurance Solutions for a 45 minute webinar on management risk protection.  Toby Davidson has helped grow and develop a boutique insurance brokerage that became a market leader for Key Person Insurance.  His particular specialism is working with SMEs, private equity firms, hedge funds and asset managers to insure their key people.  In this free webinar, Toby discusses, how to identify risks within your organisation and how to insure those risks to help safeguard business owners, management teams and shareholders.  Lumin Insurance Solutions is an independent, management owned brokerage with over 50 years of combined financial services experience; the firm brokers high value and complex life insurance solutions for corporate and private clients.

Further Guidance

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