Business Support – Mindset (IAP 3/7)

This webinar is the third of seven of our free Business Support series in partnership with Nordens Chartered Accountants.  Over the series, Joe Sword, Head of Strategic Planning at Nordens, guides you through ‘7 Key Successes’  which are:  1. Vision and Goals,   2. Sales and Marketing,  3. Mindset,  4. Cashflow,  5. Systems and Processes,  6. Profitability, and  7. Team and Culture.

Mindset is perhaps the most underrated element of running a business and plays a huge part in the success or failure in achieving what you desire. Success is based on the ability to use your mind in the right way and attain a growth mindset. Having a strong mindset allows you to take setbacks in your stride and focus your energy on the solutions rather than the problem itself. Negative thinking, on the other hand, is one of the biggest enemies and competitors when starting or establishing a business. Making decisions and choices when feeling irritated, annoyed, angry, upset, ashamed or guilty can be catastrophic.


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