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How to minimise risk: disciplinary investigations

Minimise Risk: Disciplinary Investigation | HR Solutions

To ensure the process is deemed legally ‘fair’, a disciplinary procedure must begin with an appropriate investigation.

Disciplinary investigation reports

Investigations at work are often considered to be the ‘easy bit’ as there is no formal outcome, only a report which recommends whether the matter should go to a disciplinary hearing.

However, did you know that no new facts should come to light in a disciplinary? This means that disciplinary hearing questions about employee misconduct must stem from the findings of the investigation report.

For this reason, an investigation meeting is the foundation of a meaningful disciplinary. Without it, the mere fact that the disciplinary hearing even took place, may be considered unreasonable in employment law!

Practical disciplinary guidance

In an upcoming free webinar, we will give practical guidance on how to:

  • Brush up on an investigation process
  • Formulate a checklist for running an employee investigation
  • Review compliance with employment rights
  • Understand how and when you may fairly suspend
  • Consider alternatives to suspension.

Disciplinary webinar invitation

Webinar:     Minimising Risk – Disciplinary Investigations
Date:             October 9th, Tuesday
Time:            2pm to 3pm

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