Roxana is one of our HR Administrators and her role is to provide support to our HR Consultants.

As a CIPD member, Roxana holds the CIPD Foundation Certificate in Human Resources Practice, which she gained in 2015. Before moving to England in 2012, Roxana used to work for a legal consultancy firm in Romania who had an external provider for their HR Services. At the time, Roxana was the company’s dedicated contact person for the outsourced HR services provider and this is how she learned a lot about HR.

Since moving to England, Roxana has taken on various roles including that of a mail sorter for Royal Mail; and then print room operator at Orchard House Foods; and then inbound administrator and inventory administrator roles at Primark and Snap on Tools; and then finally to her role as HR Administrator with HR Solutions.

Roxana’s aspirations are to learn more about HR, as well as to further her knowledge and skills in employee relations and employee engagement.

Roxana’s Q&A

What is your favourite food?

I’m absolutely addicted to sushi! With countless varieties and combinations, it’s so hard to put the chopsticks down!

What do you wish other people knew about HR Solutions?

I wish other people knew that HR Solutions is a very dedicated team of professionals, who strive to give the best
advice to their clients, and take pride in what they do.