Karen joined HR Solutions in February 2017 as an HR Advisor, working alongside our HR Consultants and providing end to end case support where required on the Advice Line Service.

In May 2017, Karen was promoted to Senior HR Advisor – Team Leader, to help look after the HR Advisor team, and HR Administrators.  In November 2017, Karen was promoted to HR Knowledge Manager.

Originally starting her career training in customer services in Selfridges, Karen became preoccupied with HR practices and built a wealth of experience working for many household name fashion retailers when she lived and worked in London.

Since then she has gravitated back toward her hometown in the Midlands and has specialised in employment law supporting a vast array of business and industries.

Karen has worked for 7 years and counting on a consultancy basis, working directly with CEOs and directors on strategizing HR policy, dealing with employment relation issues and navigating through cases to minimise risk and achieve the most desirable outcome wherever possible!

Not being precious about her skills, Karen sometimes adapts her approach to support her friends and family too, most notably rolling up her sleeves to act as a representative during conciliation and achieving an award large enough, that her thank you gift was a short break in the sun!

Karen enjoys spending her weekends taking her dog on long walks with her fiancée and setting the world to rights with her closest friends, some nibbles and a glass of something nice.

Karen’s Q&A

What’s your greatest personal achievement?

I was accepted into the London College of Fashion (UAL) which ranks in the Top 10 fashion schools globally. I graduated achieving a dissertation prize judged by WGSN for my unique research and discussion about the importance of HR & organizational culture on the customer facing brand. (LCF is also very pink!)

What’s the best bit of advice you have ever been given?

If you are not happy about something, change it.
If you can’t change it, change the way you look at it.

What is your favourite ice cream?

Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup.

What do you wish other people knew about HR Solutions?

Professional integrity and mutual respect is at the heart of how HR Solutions operate. It is wonderful to be a part of a team aligned to these values who support each other and work together to achieve this. I hope this lovely culture emanates through in our service as a genuine, forward thinking, friendly, knowledgeable support function who take pride in the quality we deliver.