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Keeping your Payroll on track

By December 20, 2022December 22nd, 2022HR Research, Legal Update, Top Tip
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Employers must plan their payroll carefully this month because of the additional Bacs non-processing days, which are Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 December. Careful planning will ensure payments are processed in time to ensure employees do not miss out on expected payments (or deductions).

This is especially important this year, given the increased costs of living.

Here are key payroll processing dates this month to ensure that you keep your Payroll on track:

  • For payments or deductions due before Christmas Day, they must be submitted no later than Wednesday 21 December
  • For payments or deductions that are due on the first working day (Wednesday 28 December) must be submitted by Thursday 22 December
  • Payments or deductions that are due t be made either side of New Year must be submitted by Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 December respectively.

Processing payments

Processing employees pay on time is crucial, not only because it is the right thing to do for the welfare of your employees, but also because it can, in some circumstances, lead to legal challenge.

The clause in the contract of employment is therefore key in this matter, because where a precise pay date is stated within the contract of employment, then a failure to pay on that date is technically a breach of the contract.

Outsourcing your Payroll

If you are considering outsourcing your Payroll then you have come to the right place. Managing your payroll whilst running your business at the same time can be challenging.

Our Payroll services will manage your monthly and annual payroll with diligence and efficiency, saving you time and making your financial duties that much easier.

If you are considering outsourcing your Payroll then you may have some questions about how the process works. For more information on this area you can visit our Payroll FAQ’s page here.

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