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Immigration Update

You will be aware from our previous immigration updates that under the skilled worker visa, there is a classification system that defines the standard occupation codes and a shortage occupation list (SOL).

These codes are a common classification of occupational information and apply to occupations on the SOL.

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) ensures that these codes and the SOL are reviewed and where necessary, updated. The Government this month have written to the MAC regarding which standard occupation codes should be used for the review of the shortage occupation list.

What is changing?

In particular, the Government have highlighted that the standard occupation codes are out of date and any review must be based on the 2020 system.

The Home Office have agreed that the timescale for the review must be at the absolute latest of June 2023.

If you recruit outside from the UK you can read more about the skilled worker visa and you can also read our in depth article on the points based immigration system.

Webinars on demand

In July, we hosted a webinar which focussed on the latest developments for Immigration as well as the immigration points based system. If you require further support on this area, you can watch this webinar at your convenience, via our HR video and webinar hub here.

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