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The Digital HR Revolution

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The role of HR continues to evolve, as human resources departments are now leading the digital transformation that will be responsible for building the businesses of the future. A new generation of products that have been built around mobile apps, artificial intelligence (AI) and consumer experiences gives HR teams the ability to impact the employee experience in ways they never could before.

Taking advantage of the latest digital HR and mobile tools will see HR redefine its purpose, update core technologies, build a digital HR team and promote innovation within HR and the wider business. These activities will see HR become the driver of digital transformation while assisting in the delivery of the organisation of the future.

What is digital HR?

Digital HR utilises social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies to make the HR function more efficient, efficient and above all, connected. It is also used to align culture, talent, structure and processes to balance innovation and efficiency. Digital HR enables HR to future proof recruitment, improve the employee experience, provide employees with self-service tools and be competitive in a candidate-driven job market. For it to be successful however, digital HR shouldn’t just be entirely about HR. Ideally it should form part of a digital transformation across the whole of the business.

How digital HR transforms human resources

Digital technology has transformed most aspects of our lives, and it is effectively transforming HR through real-time data, analytics and automated process via cloud based systems.

Get on the cloud

When HR systems and processes are moved to the cloud, it opens the door to a variety of possibilities such as flexible working, which is one of the most valued and in-demand factors when people are searching for jobs. The cloud enables HR to analyse workforce data, allowing them to spot trends and any potential issues in advance while giving them an understanding of what employees want and need.

Automate routine processes

Automating routine tasks and processes frees up HR teams to focus on more crucial tasks. It improves efficiency, productivity and reliability by removing the risk of human error. Tasks are no longer forgotten or run out of sequence. Automation in recruitment also helps to eliminate discrimination. Talent insight software analyses the workforce structure and composition and identifies areas where diversity could be an issue. There are also digital apps available that will sift through applications and identify the best candidates to consider inviting to interview.

Useful data and analytics

Analytics has become even more powerful, thanks to automation and artificial intelligence. This, in turn, offers significant benefits for HR. IT and HR are increasingly working together on data projects as businesses begin to recognise that growth relies on providing people with the data they need in order for them to make better decisions. This has seen a rise in the use of people analytics which enables HR teams to predict which of the company’s top staff is most likely to leave. This allows them to take the appropriate preventative action to stop this from happening. Smart analytics is also influencing workplace health. Using big data and smart analytics, some employers have been able to not just identify but also anticipate the health needs of their staff, enabling them to put the appropriate infrastructure in place to support them.

Collaborate across departments

Digital transformation, new software, tools and processes can have huge benefits across the business. It enables collaboration to find out just which processes are working well and identifies ways of improving processes across all departments. Better collaboration and communication within the HR department can quickly help to identify any tasks that can be improved by the introduction of digital processes. Being encouraged to learn how to work effectively with digital tools while feeling able to ask for help, will have huge benefits for employee engagement, productivity and retention.

In a world that’s becoming more digitalised at a fast pace, digital HR is not something that’s optional; it’s essential. HR staff and employers must embrace this HR digital transformation and ensure their organisation is adequately prepared for the changes ahead.

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