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Challenges of remote working highlighted in BBC interview

By April 5, 2017March 21st, 2019Current Affairs
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The challenges of remote working were perfectly highlighted during a recent BBC discussion on South Korea, when the interviewee’s two young children unexpectedly interrupted the interview.

Robert Kelly, an associate professor at Pusan National University in Busan, had been answering serious questions via Skype on the ejection of the country’s president.

However, suddenly a toddler came into the room and performed a little dance behind Mr Kelly. Mr Kelly tried to remain focused on the camera and the discussion, while attempting to push his daughter away. But the situation only got more challenging as a baby excitedly then entered the room in a baby walker.
But if that wasn’t enough, Mr Kelly’s wife came skidding into the room to attempt to remove her children. She tried to grab the children and drag them out of the room, but the baby walker got stuck in the doorway. Eventually Mr Kelly’s wife successfully removed the children from the room and the interview continued.
After the interview, the amusing footage became an internet sensation and went viral across all social media.

A lesson to be learned for all homeworkers

Fortunately, most people working at home won’t see their interruptions becoming quite so high profile. However, many will sympathise with Mr Kelly and the difficulties of working at home. But if remote workers can learn anything from Mr Kelly’s experience, it’s definitely to lock the office door.

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