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Business Support Webinars 2021

HR Solutions, in partnership with Nordens Chartered Accountants, present this 7-part series of business support webinars which are part of the Interactive Accelerator Program (IAP).  The IAP Program and its co-founder, Joe Sword, Head of Strategic Planning at Nordens, will guide you through ‘7 key successes’ on how to achieve a positive attitude in both business and in life; as well as analysing ways to maximise your profit, potential and credentials.

There are seven key successes in this webinar series:  1. Vision and Goals,   2. Sales and Marketing,  3. Mindset,  4. Cashflow,  5. Systems and Processes,  6. Profitability, and  7. Team and Culture.  Watch these business support webinar recordings on demand and download the brochure to find out more about the IAP, via the links below.

Vision and Goals (IAP 1/7)


The first segment of the Interactive Accelerator Program (IAP) is your visions and goals. Setting clear goals and an overall vision is one of the most important parts of any creative process, especially in business. One of the biggest sins a business owner can do is to not have a goal, and arguably even worse is having a goal that lacks purpose, meaning and clarity and following it.  It’s essential to think about your consumer and how your offerings will affect them. This will essentially articulate the ‘why’ in your vision and uncover the solid core of your business in the process.  Find out more on the IAP where its co-founder, Joe Sword, will guide you through how to achieve a positive attitude in both business and in life, whilst analysing ways to maximise your profit, potential and credentials.

Sales and Marketing (IAP 2/7)


In any competitive business climate, the sales and marketing aspect of a company is usually the first to be downsized or cost cut. However, often these departments are one of the most misunderstood and overlooked parts of a business. Putting in place an efficient marketing strategy can widen the goalposts of your outreach and broaden the exposure of your product or service. Through social media, SEO, data analytics and customer relationship management (CRM) systems your business can grow to monumental levels, keeping current clients happy whilst attracting new customers on a grand scale.

Mindset (IAP 3/7)


Mindset is perhaps the most underrated element of running a business and plays a huge part in the success or failure in achieving what you desire. Success is based on the ability to use your mind in the right way and attain a growth mindset. Having a strong mindset allows you to take setbacks in your stride and focus your energy on the solutions rather than the problem itself. Negative thinking, on the other hand, is one of the biggest enemies and competitors when starting or establishing a business. Making decisions and choices when feeling irritated, annoyed, angry, upset, ashamed or guilty can be catastrophic.

Cashflow (IAP 4/7)


Managing cash in the correct manner is a fundamental part of gaining success in any industry or sector. The most common reason a business fails is simply because they run out of money or aren’t getting the funding they require to survive as well as being completely unaware of their current and future cash position. This is where cashflow forecasting comes into play, giving you control, clarity and comfort which is the ideal mindset to make decisions and exact leadership.

Systems and Processes (IAP 5/7)


Time-consuming and unnecessary tasks can slow down a business exponentially. Getting efficient, well-run systems and processes implemented can allow yourself and your team to focus on the important tasks that will progress your business to the next level. Inadequate systems and processes can substantially hold a business back and not embracing modern technology can be the difference between a successful business and failure. Identifying key areas to focus on, and potentially digitalise, can give your workforce the freedom to thrive.

Profitability (IAP 6/7)


You need a clear and thorough understanding of your business’ performance in order to start making profit. Profitability is the cornerstone and benchmark of any business and essentially determines how successful you are. Understanding the financial aspects of your business in detail is crucial, and with this knowledge pivotal decisions that impact your profitability are executed with accuracy and composure. Working out your break-even point is the first thing a business owner can do to set the wheels in motion and prosper in the designated sector or industry. This can then be used to determine how to increase your turnover and reduce your costs, which are the two ways to maximise profitability in any business.

Team and Culture (IAP 7/7)


The final segment of the IAP is all about team and culture which provides the fabric and DNA of your business. Not having a clear direction for your team is one of the biggest sins to commit in business and it’s almost impossible to succeed without effective and regular communication in place. Good businesses are built and shaped around a solid core of people who collaboratively work together like clockwork, helping to stimulate growth in the process. Listening to your team and involving them in facets of the business, especially your goals and vision of the company, is imperative.

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