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Additional May Bank Holiday Announced for UK

The Government has announced that there is to be an additional bank holiday on Monday 8 May 2023 in honour of His Majesty King Charles III Coronation, which is taking place on Saturday 6 May. The Prime Minister has confirmed that it will take place across the UK with the aim of providing families and communities to come together to celebrate.

Guidance for employers

Businesses are not obliged to close on this day, it will be down to each business to determine whether they wish to do so or not. Those businesses that remain open, should bear in mind that public transport in key locations is likely to be very busy and journeys will take longer than usual.

Each organisation will need to check the wording in their contracts of employment as employers don’t have to give a paid day off:

  • Schools will be closing so some staff are likely to have childcare issues.
  • Any staff due to commence working for you on Monday 8 May 2023, you should treat the same as the rest of the staff (i.e. if you are giving all staff the extra bank holiday, you should do the same for the new starter).
  • Organisations should ensure that any policy they apply in relation to awarding an additional bank holiday is not discriminatory. For part-time staff you should pro rata their entitlement if you are awarding full time staff the additional BH and if they don’t normally work a Monday then they should be allowed to take the time on another occasion.
  • If contracts are worded on the basis of your entitlement to annual leave is x days including bank holidays (minimum 5.6 weeks) then technically staff could be asked to take the additional BH for the Coronation out of their normal entitlement if you wish to close on that day. If the wording is x days including 8 bank holidays, then there is no automatic entitlement to the additional BH so if you wish to close on that day you will need to award all staff an additional day (pro rata for part timers).
  • If contracts are worded on the basis of your entitlement to annual leave is x days plus bank holidays (ie with no restriction) then staff should be given the additional BH (and any other BH notified by the Government).

Possible communication:

Suggested wording to communicate to your employees how your business will be managing the Bank Holiday:

Following the announcement by the Government that Monday 8th May 2023 will be a Bank Holiday to coincide with His Majesty King Charles III Coronation, we wish to confirm our business arrangements as follows.

We have taken the decision to close the business/close all sites on this day and to allow all staff to take the day as paid leave. EITHER This has been awarded as an additional Bank Holiday to your standard holiday entitlement.

For Part Time workers this will be awarded on a pro rata basis and for those where Monday is not a normal working day they will be able to take the leave on another occasion. OR This Bank Holiday is included in your annual leave entitlement and therefore we are giving you notice that you will need to book a day’s leave out of your entitlement for this day.

Normal business hours will resume on Tuesday 9th May 2023.

Any questions or concerns about this information please contact [insert point of contact].

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