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Acquisition by Marlowe plc

We are pleased to announce that HR Solutions (including Essential Safety) has been acquired by Marlowe plc, the UK leader in business-critical services and software which assure safety and regulatory compliance. Marlowe plc is an ambitious company listed on the London Stock Exchange. HR Solutions, and its subsidiaries including Essential Safety, will integrate into Marlowe’s WorkNest brand, offering attractive synergies and deepening Marlowe’s HR & Health & Safety consultancy proposition.

Business as usual for all HR Solutions clients

HR Solutions remains unchanged and will continue operating in the same way from the same locations. We will join the WorkNest division within Marlowe plc and will be retaining all existing colleagues. Our clients will continue to receive the same high standard of support from the HR Solutions team, with no change to how the service is provided.

Gavin Snell, CEO at WorkNest, said: “We’re excited to welcome HR Solutions’ clients and all of our new colleagues into the WorkNest family. We share the same focus on employee engagement and high quality client support, and WorkNest has a strong track record of bringing such like-minded businesses together with positive outcomes.

“HR Solutions’ continued client service delivery is the priority, but in the coming months,
we will work on synergies and opportunities across the businesses.”

Greg Guilford, CEO at HR Solutions, said: “Over the past few years we have been growing very quickly. This has been led by the great commitment our team has to our client base, their continued professionalism, as well as several acquisitions HR Solutions has made along the way. We are excited at this development in joining WorkNest as this will further strengthen our service and bring considerable benefits to our clients through the scale and breadth of services offered by the wider group.”

Further Information

Further details about the transaction can be found in Marlowe plc’s announcement published on RNS, the news service of the London Stock Exchange.

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