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Women Aiming for Quicker Career Success

By January 19, 2016January 21st, 2016HR Research
Women Aim for Quicker Career Success | HR Solutions

Women want to achieve career success faster than men, according to a study by recruitment agency Reed.

48% of women are aiming to reach their career goal by the age of 40. Over three out of five men stated that they were happy to wait until after that age to hit their career targets.

Further to this a third of women aim to earn their ideal salary by the time they are 35, which is both an earlier and lower target than men. Women said that they regarded a salary of £54,000 as a sign of a successful career, but for men the figure was £58,000.

Over 2,000 employees took part in the study.

The research found that achieving career success is as important for men as it is for women (51%), but that the indicators of success vary by gender.

Men stated that running their own business or sitting on a company board was the sign of career achievement. Meanwhile, women were more likely to see the ability to work flexibly as a hallmark of success.

Yet respondents were united in agreement about working conditions. 75% of all respondents said that they were looking for a good work-life balance, whilst all workers agreed that an annual 35-day holiday allowance was a sure sign of success.

Almost half (49%) of all respondents also agreed that having their own office was another sign of achievement.

Tom Lovell, managing director of Reed, said: “Achieving career success is deemed important to 51% of workers overall”.

“Yet what is most interesting from this research is what they [employees] define as indicators of that success and when they wish to achieve it.”

“With addressing the gender pay gap and the glass ceiling high on the political agenda, it’s particularly interesting that women want to hit key milestones earlier on in their career.”

The survey indicates that the majority of people (76%) believe that they have not yet achieved career success.

“Interestingly the average worker says career success is eight years away,” Lovell added. “And more than half (54%) believe they are not yet on the right path to achieve success.”

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