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Top Qualities of Job Candidates Revealed

By October 21, 2015HR Research
Top Qualities of Jobs Candidates Revealed - HR Solutions

A new survey has revealed that motivation is the most important factor for recruiters when they come to considering job candidates.

A candidate’s motivation for taking the role is the most important factor according to 33% of respondents. Their skillset followed on 27%, with past experiences considered the third most important factor on 24%.

There were almost 500 respondents to the survey, which was produced by US firm Futurestep.

“What executives tell us when they say a candidate’s motivations are most important is that the person they hire must be a good fit for the company’s culture,” said Futurestep Managing Director of Global Operations Vic Khan.

“For example, one very potent driver is power – the motivation to attain work-related status, visibility, responsibility and influence. Those who work in a competitive environment and have this driver would likely be highly engaged and successful.”

“Conversely, those same people working in a more collaborative culture may struggle.”

The survey also found that recruiters find their best candidates from active job seekers by a ratio of more than two to one; interesting reading for firms that base their recruitment policies on head hunting.

When it comes to sourcing new employees, more than half (52%) of recruiters stated that they turn to their professional network first.

The full results of the survey are:

What’s the most important factor when sourcing candidates?

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When sourcing for a job, where do you find your best candidates?

Top Qualities of Job Candidates | HR Solutions

What’s the most important factor in successful candidate care?

Top Qualities of Job Candidates | HR Solutions

What sourcing channel do you turn to first when searching for candidates?

Top Qualities of Job Candidates | HR Solutions

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