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Strike Action Continues

strike action

We recently shared an update regarding the industrial action that was likely to take place during the festive period. The industrial action would see postal and rail services delayed or cancelled throughout this busy time. In this first working week following the festive period, many employers will be impacted by the latest set of rail […]

Is your business prepared for Trade Union recognition?

In recent weeks, we have seen national strikes carried out by rail workers and criminal barristers and we expect to see further strike action as there are suggestions that other sectors, such as education and health care may also vote for industrial action. The coming months Over the coming months, we may also find more […]

Union’s new hit squad challenges umbrella companies

Umbrella Company | HR Solutions

The union Unite has launched a tribunal appeal targeting umbrella companies, the first under its new Strategic Case Unit. The case involves Unite member Russ Blakely, who worked as a pipefitter on an NHS funded project last year. The main contractor for the project was Kier Fascel was the mechanical contractor. Background to the case […]

Southern Rail strike

Train Strike | HR Solutions

Southern Rail bosses have made a direct appeal to drivers to end the strike action that’s costing the UK £300m. The firm sent letters to over 1,000 drivers outlining their improved offer in a bid to end the ongoing dispute. The unions have already dismissed the same offer. The train operator’s parent company GTR, promises […]

British Airways crew vote to strike over Christmas

British Airways | HR Solutions

People travelling with British Airways over Christmas could see their plans disrupted after 2,000 cabin crew vote for strike action. Around 15% of the airline’s cabin crew were balloted about striking at Heathrow airport and around 79% voted for the action. The vote came after cabin crew rejected a proposed 2% pay rise. Unite union […]

Huge drop in unfair dismissal cases after tribunal fees introduced

Tribunal Fees

The number of people taking their employers to tribunals has fallen by 73% since tribunal fees of £1,200 were brought in. A study by the TUC has found that discrimination cases on the grounds of gender have dropped by 71%, race by 58% and disability by 54%, since the new charges were introduced. The TUC […]

Employment tribunal claimants never receive compensation

Employment Tribunal | HR Solutions

A third of people who win employment tribunals do not see the money awarded and less than half are paid in full. When people win their case at an employment tribunal, they naturally expect to receive the compensation that has been awarded to them. But Government figures show that thousands of workers who have won […]

Court of Appeal Rules to Keep Employment Tribunal Fees

Employment Tribunal Fees needed to get in? | HR Solutions

The Court of Appeal has dismissed a third bid by Unison to overturn the introduction of Employment Tribunal fees. The Court dismissed the union’s case for a judicial review of the fees on the grounds of insufficient evidence. Employment Tribunal fees have been the subject of controversy since their introduction in July 2013. The sharp decline in […]

Unions Facing Biggest Overhaul in a Generation

Trade Union Bill | HR Solutions

The Government has proposed a Trade Union Bill that promises to be the biggest shake up to affect the Unions since the Thatcher era. The proposals, which range from the reasonable to the political, were announced this week by business secretary Sajid Javid. He said that industrial laws were being overhauled in order to protect “the […]

Unison Given Go-Ahead to Appeal Tribunal Fees

Court of Justice in London | HR Solutions

The Supreme Court has allowed Unison to appeal the Court of Appeal’s recent ruling on Employment Tribunal fees. The announcement, made on the 26th February, relates to Unison’s third challenge of the tribunal fees system. The Court of Appeal rejected this challenge last September. Tribunal fees have been controversial since their introduction by the Coalition […]

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