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National Minimum Wage to Increase in 2022

National Minimum Wage Increases for 2022 The Government has announced the National Minimum Wage (NMW) increases for next year. The top band, known as the National Living Wage, will increase from £8.91 to £9.50 per hour from April 2022. This band applies to those aged 23 and over and is an increase of 6.6 per […]

Real Living Wage boosted to £9.50 per hour 

Real Living Wage | HR Solutions

According to the Living Wage Foundation, over 250,000 people will see wages boosted by 20p to £9.50 if their employer has signed up to the ‘Real Living Wage‘, and employees should receive the new rate in May 2021. Not to be confused with the National Living Wage (NLW), the Real Living Wage is a recommendation of the Living Wage Foundation that ensure all workers earn a wage that covers […]

Wagamama and TGI Fridays – Fined over National Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage | HR Solutions

It was indeed a good Friday if you were one of the employees sharing in the £1.3m fine issued by the government. This was the cumulative amount 179 employers have been instructed to pay in respect of breaching the minimum wage. Many had adhered to the bandings but fell foul over illegal deductions for things […]

Amazon drivers admit breaking speed limit to stay on schedule

Amazon Drivers | HR Solutions

Amazon drivers have revealed that they have to break speed limits in order to keep to their strict delivery schedule. The online retailer has also been accused of allowing drivers to work illegal hours and paying them less than minimum wage. As part of a BBC investigation, an undercover reporter worked for AHC Services who […]

Sports Direct to pay staff £1m in back pay

BHS | HR Solutions

The sportswear firm, Sports Direct, has agreed to pay its workers around £1m in wage arrears. Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley admitted that his company broke the law, by paying staff less than the minimum wage. Trade Unions have said that they expect the back pay could be anything up to £1,000 for some workers […]

Prime Minister refuses to back down on National Living Wage plans

National Living Wage

Prime Minister Theresa May has said that she will not back down on the Government’s plans to increase the national living wage over the next few years. Mrs May has dismissed calls from top business leaders to drop its 2012 target and restore the powers of the Low Pay Commission. The minimum pay rate for over […]

Sports Direct admit to not paying staff minimum wage

Sports Direct | HR Solutions

[vc_row type=”in_container” scene_position=”center” text_color=”dark” text_align=”left” overlay_strength=”0.3″][vc_column column_padding=”no-extra-padding” column_padding_position=”all” background_color_opacity=”1″ background_hover_color_opacity=”1″ width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] Sports Direct has come under-fire for ‘unacceptable’ and ‘unreasonable’ working practices at the firm. The sports chain faces multi-million pound fines, after owner Mike Ashley admitted to breaking the law when he did not pay the national minimum wage to his staff. Ashley also […]

National Living Wage Ends Free Lunch!

National Living Wage

Staff working for popular coffee shop chain Caffe Nero, have been left disappointed after the company announced it was no longer giving employees a free lunch when they were on shift. The move has come as part of a pay review across the company, brought in following the introduction of the new National Living Wage […]

The Living Wage Budget

Living Wage | HR Solutions

This week Chancellor George Osborne unveiled the first completely Conservative budget since 1996, which he used to propose drastic rises to the minimum wage.   The new national living wage budget initiative, originally proposed by the Labour Party in the run up to the election, will see the minimum wage increase to £7.20 in April 2016 for over-25s. […]

IKEA Commits to Paying the Living Wage

IKEA, the first UK nationwide retailer to start paying the living wage.

IKEA has become the first national retailer in the UK to commit to paying the living wage. The home furnishing giant said that the increase will come into effect from 1st April 2016. More than half of the company’s 9,000 employees will see their pay rise. By paying the living wage IKEA is bringing its […]

The Great Repeal Bill

Great Repeal Bill | HR Solutions

At the Conservative party conference last weekend, Brexit minister David Davis announced that The Great Repeal Bill would be introduced that would mean European Union law ceases to apply from the moment the United Kingdom officially leaves the EU. The Government has said that the intention of this new bill, to be known as the […]

Pay Rises and the National Minimum Wage

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New findings have found that whilst increases on average earnings have remained at the same median rate of 2% from last year, there is still a clear discrepancy between pay rises across different industries. National pay analysis carried out by XpertHR has found a significant variation in salary increases from one industry to the next, […]

Minimum wage pay changes

Minimum Wage | HR Solutions

This year will see an increase in minimum wages for all groups under the age of 25, under new plans to improve earnings across the board. The highest rise will be for those aged between 18 and 20, with a 4.7% increase up to £5.55 per hour. This is continued with 21 to 24 year […]

On the Up: Minimum Wage to Rise in October

Woman holding giant PAY letters

October will see the minimum wage rising by 19p to £6.50 for workers aged 21 or older, the highest proportionate rise since 2008. Following a recommendation from the Low Pay Commission the  3% increase will make the minimum wage higher than the rate of inflation for the first time in six years. For workers aged […]

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