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2025 – The HR year ahead

The HR Year Ahead (2)

In this webinar we look to the future and consider the HR and employment landscape for the year ahead.

5 Key considerations when ending employment

ending employment, dismissal

Employee retention must be a key focus for any business as the UK continues to struggle with a labour and skills shortage. Unfortunately, there will always be some attrition occurring, whether this be forced or voluntary. In our recent SME Survey, we asked SME Business owners, what the top three most important aspect of people […]

Additional May Bank Holiday Announced for UK

The Government has announced that there is to be an additional bank holiday on Monday 8 May 2023 in honour of His Majesty King Charles III Coronation, which is taking place on Saturday 6 May. The Prime Minister has confirmed that it will take place across the UK with the aim of providing families and […]

Employee salaries failing to keep up with inflation levels

gender pay statement

The third quarter of 2022 has been hugely significant to employers, with a great deal of focus on the economic climate and The Cost of Living challenges. Between June and August, the UK saw the strongest growth in employee salaries since before the pandemic started, however in real terms (due to rising inflation), the average […]

Work Social Events – What Employers Need to Know

Is your team busy planning the company Christmas party? We’re seeing more and more businesses returning to traditional social events, as they would have done pre-pandemic. But how have employers’ responsibilities changed in managing social events, since the pandemic? We take a look at the things employers need to know, ahead of the next company […]

Northamptonshire Business Awards 2022 – we are finalists!

We are delighted to have been recognised for our exceptional customer service. As a result of our commitment to our clients, we have been named as finalists in the Customer Commitment category of the Northamptonshire Business Awards. The Customer Commitment Award, sponsored by local marketing company Qoob Group, recognises organisations with a focus on customer […]

Outsourced HR: The Pros and Cons

What is Outsourced HR? Outsourced HR is a contractual agreement between an employer and an external third-party provider whereby the employer transfers the management of, and processing of key employment practices for certain HR functions to the external provider. If you are struggling to keep up with HR tasks in your organisation, or simply don’t […]

Fireside Chat at Breathe HR conference

In March 2022, Helen Astill, Director of Cherington HR and HR Services Director of HR Solutions was asked to participate in a fireside chat to discuss the future of HR at the Breathe HR conference in London. The fireside chat was chaired by Jonathan Richards, CEO of Breathe HR and along with Helen Astill, they […]

How to Support Mental Health at Work

Mental Health at Work | EAP | HR Solutions

Earlier this year, from the 18th to 24th of May 2020 was Mental Health Awareness week, as hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, with the theme of kindness.  The Mental Health Foundation says, “We all have so much going on in our lives, including competing strains and stresses – not to mention the current coronavirus pandemic. This can see kindness pushed to one side, in favour of […]

Protected conversation and ‘without prejudice’ conversation, what’s the difference?

Protected Conversation v Without Prejudice Conversation | HR Solutions | Employment Law

Within HR a ‘protected conversation’ is not the same as a ‘without prejudice’ conversation. However, both of these types of conversations allow employers to enter into off-the record conversations with a view to agreeing an exit with the employee. So, what is the difference between a protected conversation and a ‘without prejudice’ conversation? A protected […]

Furlough Scheme Updates and Implications – June 2020

Furlough Scheme | Coronavirus Job Retention | CJRS | HR Solutions | Employment Law

Coronavirus: What’s next? Flexible Furlough [ Including: 12 June 2020 Update ] Following the Chancellor’s announcement on Friday 29th May and subsequent update of the 12 June 2020, the Chancellor has confirmed the following updates to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) – Furlough Scheme:  The scheme would remain open until October  Furloughed employees will still receive 80% of their […]

Strategic human resources planning

Strategic Human Resources | HR Solutions | Employment Law | HR Strategy

The most valuable asset an organisation has is its human resources – its employees. Their skills and knowledge and their relationships with key partners and customers are often irreplaceable and can play a key role in determining the organisation’s success. Human resources planning has become an integral part of many organisations’ strategies. Effective HR planning […]

Absence Management Strategy: A Focus on Mental Health

Absence Management | Mental Health | Human Resources | Employment Law | HR Solutions

Balancing both compliance with employment law, and effective absence management at work can be a minefield for managers. Absence and employee mental health With the number of reported mental health problems increasing year on year it’s vital for businesses to consider employee mental health in the same bracket as employee physical health. This includes removing […]

Presenter wins equal pay case against BBC

Equal Pay Case | Pay Gap | HR Solutions

Journalist and presenter Samira Ahmed won her equal pay claim against the BBC in a landmark case that could open the floodgates to similar claims from other staff.  An employment tribunal unanimously concluded that the BBC had not provided adequate evidence that the pay gap was based on anything other than gender discrimination. The BBC, however, continues […]

Managing long term sickness absence

Sickness Absence Management | HR Solutions

Following a fair procedure when managing sickness absence When you are managing long-term sickness absence at what point do you have to make the decision that the employee is potentially unfit to return? You have to remember that if someone has been off sick for a long time they are deemed to be incapable to […]

Brexit HR and Employment Law – Where Are We Now?!

Brexit HR and Employment Law | HR Solutions

  31 October 2019: Brexit Day? It’s October 2019 and Brexit is still in progress. On the 10 April 2019, at a meeting of the European Council, the UK and EU27 agreed to extend Article 50 until 31 October 2019. The House Of Commons briefing paper ‘Brexit Timeline: events leading to the UK’s exit from […]

What happens to data protection if there is no Brexit deal?

Data Protection | No Brexit Deal | HR Solutions

Guidance has been released which provides clarity on the extent to which processing personal data will continue to be governed by the EU GDPR. This data protection guidance clarifies that, after Brexit, the UK would be able to continue to send information to countries belonging to the EU. However, arrangements would need to be put […]

EU settlement status scheme

EU Settlement Status Scheme | HR Solutions

Overview: subject to Brexit negotiations When the UK leaves the EU, free movement will be allowed to continue under a blanket period, running from exit date for approximately two years. This transitional period will go ahead regardless of whether or not the UK leaves with a deal, but the precise dates are subject to the […]

Social media gaffes in the workplace

Social Media Gaffes in the Workplace | HR Solutions

Sometimes a flippant remark or blunder can have far-reaching consequences as well as cause embarrassment and offence.  There has been widespread media speculation over the recent case of Danny Baker, a BBC broadcaster, who was fired for a ‘chimp’ tweet about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new baby. He had posted an image on […]

Right to Work Checks and EU Nationals

Right to Work and EU Nationals | HR Solutions

UK employers have a responsibility to prevent illegal working, and in order to do so, they should conduct right to work checks before employing someone.  Preventing illegal working helps to deter tax evasion, malpractices with the National Minimum Wage and exploitative working conditions, including modern slavery. Guidance from the Home Office states that by conducting […]


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