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Why we are seeing an increasing need to support long term sickness

Here is the Hot Topic for March 2024 and an accompanying webinar will follow, which will be hosted on 14 March 2024. Last year, new data was published that provided startling statistics about sickness absence and the UK labour market for 2023.  In this month’s Hot Topic, we are going to focus specifically on long […]

Record number of work days lost to long-term sickness

Long-term sickness

Long-term sickness levels continue to be a significant challenge for employers with recent statistics revealing concerning trends. In the period from October to December 2023, the number of economically inactive individuals aged 16-64 due to long-term sickness surged to a staggering 2.8 million. This data underscores the pressing need for proactive measures to address this […]

Dealing with unexpected absences

Unexplained absence

Unexpected absences can often present challenges for employers, and – September has not begun as expected! Not only has there been significant disruption with major technical issues with the UK’s air traffic control systems, but Gatwick airport has been hit by further disruption in recent days due to staff shortages. This hasn’t only impacted holidaymakers returning […]

Return to work interviews

return to work interview

Many organisations include return to work interviews as part of their absence management procedure, requiring employees to meet with their line manager on return from every sickness absence irrespective of the length of the absence. They are widely recognised as the most effective tool for managing absence. Not only are they effective at managing and […]

Return to work interviews – Why do them?

constructive dismissal

Do you have high levels of short-term absence? Do you struggle to maintain productivity due to staff shortages? In this article we explore why and how a return to work interview can become an effective business tool for reducing sickness absence. On Thursday 13th April from 10am – 11am, we will be exploring return to […]

Absences due to ill-health (long term)

There is no legal definition of ‘long-term’ absence so it is up to the employer to decide at what point such absences need to be formally reviewed. Often a trigger procedure that alerts you once an employee has been absent for an unbroken period is put in place, typically set at four, six or 13 […]

Absence Management: mental health questions and answers

Absence Management Mental Health Questions | HR Solutions

Further to the recent webinar “Absence Management: How to manage mental health absences”, which you can now watch on demand, we had many questions raised.  The following are our responses to those we could not answer live at the time. Where questions were of a similar nature, we have grouped these together and provided a […]

Absence Management: How to deal with mental health absences

Absence Management | Mental Health | HR Solutions

It is reported that depression, which is just one form of mental ill health, is the second leading cause of disability worldwide.  The Office for National Statistics reported that in 2018/19, stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 54% of all working days lost due to ill health. We have also seen mental health being affected directly because […]

How to Support Mental Health at Work

Mental Health at Work | EAP | HR Solutions

Earlier this year, from the 18th to 24th of May 2020 was Mental Health Awareness week, as hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, with the theme of kindness.  The Mental Health Foundation says, “We all have so much going on in our lives, including competing strains and stresses – not to mention the current coronavirus pandemic. This can see kindness pushed to one side, in favour of […]

Absence Management Strategy: A Focus on Mental Health

Absence Management | Mental Health | Human Resources | Employment Law | HR Solutions

Balancing both compliance with employment law, and effective absence management at work can be a minefield for managers. Absence and employee mental health With the number of reported mental health problems increasing year on year it’s vital for businesses to consider employee mental health in the same bracket as employee physical health. This includes removing […]

Managing long term sickness absence

Sickness Absence Management | HR Solutions

Following a fair procedure when managing sickness absence When you are managing long-term sickness absence at what point do you have to make the decision that the employee is potentially unfit to return? You have to remember that if someone has been off sick for a long time they are deemed to be incapable to […]

Attendance bonuses: the positives and the pitfalls

Attendance Bonuses | HR Solutions

Are you considering introducing attendance bonuses? The rationale behind incentives and bonuses is clear enough. It is a sound one. Any scheme introduced by an employer to motivate staff and encourage them to perform at a higher rate is a good thing. In theory, yes, but in practice, certain bonuses can lead the employer into […]

Seven out of 10 UK workers go to work even when sick

Sick Absence | HR Solutions

Workers in the UK believe their employers value the company’s performance ahead of the health and wellbeing of the workforce.Research has found that millions of employees still go to work despite being ill, with workers worrying about taking time off sick because of heavy workloads and employers’ expectations.   The survey by insurance company, Aviva, […]

Employee health and wellbeing: managing absence and lateness

Health, wellbeing, absence and lateness at work | HR Solutions

Let’s discuss employee health and wellbeing in relation to absence as well as lateness.  What are the effects that absence and lateness can have on your business, and what are the most effective ways to manage them? Absent and constantly late employees don’t just affect your organisation’s productivity; they can also have a negative impact […]

UK Workers Not Taking Full Holiday Allowance

UK Employees Not Taking Full Holiday Allowance - HR Solutions

More than half of workers in the UK are not taking their full holiday allowance, according to research by Reed. 54% of employees are leaving an average of three days of holiday a year unused. Nearly half of the respondents (45%) said that they had previously cancelled a holiday for work reasons, whilst 24% said […]

True Cost of Presenteeism Revealed

True Cost of Presenteeism Revealed | HR Solutions

Sickness absence and illness costs a month of productivity per employee, research has revealed. This is at an estimated cost of £57 billion a year to UK businesses. Workplace health initiative Britain’s Healthiest Company (BHC) surveyed more than 32,500 employees for the research. The aim of the study was to examine the true impact of […]

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