UK employers must now enrol all of their employees onto a workplace pension scheme, and HR Solutions are on hand to help.

Whilst the process will seem automatic for your employees, you will need to take steps to ensure that you are meeting your obligations as an employer. This is where HR Solutions can help.

You will need to select your pension provider before we can put the process into place for you; feel free to ask us if you would like us to recommend a pension provider to suit your requirements. Once we have the relevant details from you we can begin the automation of the process as detailed here.

Automated Assessment of Employees

Assessment and categorisation of all of your employees against the auto enrolment criteria.
Enrolment and Postponement.
Managing opt-ins and opt-outs.

Automated Data and Payments to Pension Providers

Data files.
Data transfers.
Pending and historic transfers.
Payment files.
Pending and historic payments.

Automated Employee Communications

Create named and addressed communications.
Preparing the communication and sending by email or post.
Recording pending and historic communications.
Attach all communications to employee records.

Printing and postage will incur an additional cost. This service is only available in addition to our monthly Payroll Services.

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