At HR Solutions we take the protection of client data very seriously and, as we believed we already had strong processes and procedures in place, in 2017 we started down a path to achieve ISO 27001 (Information Security). In part, this would be for us to be able to be recognised for the processes we already have in place, but also to be able to provide reassurance to our clients.

On 29th March 2018, HR Solutions achieved ISO 27001 certification.

ISO 27001 Certification Information Security | HR Solutions

In addition, our CEO regularly attends cyber security briefings, as well as GDPR related events to ensure that as an organisation we are fully ahead of developments and shall continue to enhance how we operate as and when required to ensure that we continue to safeguard the information we hold, as well as improve processes.

Your Responsibility

As the employee data ultimately resides with you as the Data Controller, with HR Solutions being the Data Processor, you also have responsibilities in relation to the employee information you hold.  We shall obviously be complying with the GDPR for the information we hold, but we ask that you also think about how you protect and manage the employee information you hold.  This might be hard copy personnel files, HR Systems, e-mails, spreadsheets, payroll, etc.

At HR Solutions we see this as a journey that we will be sharing with our clients, and we will continue to provide you with the support and guidance you need to ensure that you meet the GDPR.

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