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Higher Standard of HR Skills Required

By February 16, 2015July 24th, 2015HR Research

A new report from the CIPD has concluded that many HR departments are failing to develop the HR skills necessary to operate in a changing workplace.

The CIPD’s HR Outlook (Winter 2014-15) reports that as the workplace evolves and HR operating models and capabilities adapt, many HR professionals are not doing enough to keep up. According to the CIPD this is most prevalent when it comes to the areas of commercial experience and data analysis.

The report states that HR professionals are not developing the ‘business savvy and commercial expertise’ needed to enable them to contribute to business strategy. It goes on to conclude that HR practitioners need to make better use of data analysis in order to bring value to their organisation.

Over 600 HR professionals took the survey. Of those, only 76% of respondents agreed that HR understands how the organisation works and how people practices influence the value chain. Furthermore just 16% of junior HR practitioners and 27% of senior HR professionals believe that they need to combine commercial experience with HR expertise to bring value to an organisation.

Only 58% of respondents said they feel confident about using data and metrics to instigate change, whilst less than half (47%) said that their HR function draws insight from people data to drive competitive advantage.

This research highlights how traditional approaches to HR can be out of touch with organisational priorities.

This is where using a reputable outsourced HR company can pay dividends. As well as the cost benefits that come with outsourced services you will be working with consummate HR professionals, who have to understand the changing working environment in order to remain competitive. We can’t speak for other consultancies but our HR Consultants have years of experience across a variety of industries, and offer pragmatic advice that gives your business the support it needs.

As businesses continue to assess how HR can work in their evolving organisations, it is perhaps worth considering the benefits of a HR structure that fits around you.

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