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Employee Retention Under Threat

By October 13, 2014February 12th, 2019HR Research
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Employee retention is becoming an increasing issue for UK businesses as new research reveals that 51% of employees have been approached to work for a rival company.

The survey, carried out by recruitment agency Adecco, found that of employees approached over a quarter (27%) went on to accept the offer.

Of real concern to UK employers is the clear message regarding talent retention, with 45% of workers stating that they believe their company struggles to retain the best employees. Corresponding with that figure, 52% of the employees surveyed revealed that they planned to change jobs within the next two years.

A separate piece of research carried out by HR recruiter Ortus found that 75% of workers consider career development as the biggest factor in their decision to switch company, with 72% also citing salary. According to another report by the CIPD Employee Handbook, 32% of employees felt that progress within their current organization was unachievable.

Whilst this may not be good news in the immediate short-term for businesses concerned about keeping hold of their best performers, it does illustrate the shift taking place in employee attitudes as the economy continues to recover. It also indicates ways that businesses can adapt in order to remain attractive to their existing talent.

Commenting on the survey, Alex Fleming, managing director of Adecco Retail, said: “Candidate poaching should act as a wakeup call for employers to address their employee retention issues. They should consider ways to ensure their workplace is an attractive and engaging place to work, be that through effective team building or a clearer approach to communication.”

“While poaching is a common problem, it can also be a symptom of wider issues in a company. Weak management, low levels of pay and bad team fit all contribute to an unhappy worker who is more likely to jump on an opportunity if an ex-worker serves it to them on a plate.”

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