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McDonald’s workers strike over low pay and zero hours contracts

Zero Hours Contracts | HR Solutions

McDonald’s employees recently staged their first UK strike, following rows over zero-hours contracts and workplace bullying claims. The strike action signals the first time McDonald’s workers have walked out since the famous American burger chain came to the UK more than forty years ago. The staff also want their pay to increase to £10 an […]

The Taylor Review: what you need to know

Taylor Review | HR Solutions

Finally published a year after its announcement, “Good Work: The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices” runs to 116 pages and contains many recommendations for change, including several that are of particular interest to employers and HR teams. ‘Worker’ status scrapped The Taylor Review proposes that a new category, ‘dependent contractor’, should replace the current […]

McDonald’s UK zero-hours workers could switch to fixed contracts

McDonald's | HR Solutions

McDonald’s 15,000 UK zero-hour workers could change to fixed contracts with a minimum number of set hours each week. This followed staff complaints that not having guaranteed weekly employment meant they struggled to get approved for mortgages or loans. Trialing new contracts The fast food chain has been testing out the swap to fixed-hours contracts […]

Grammar error costs dairy company millions

English Language

A simple missing comma recently earned some U.S. truck drivers a substantial payout from their employer. Oakhurst Dairy lost a multi-million-dollar court case over the ‘Oxford comma’, used between the last two items in a list. The drivers were suing their employer for four years’ worth of unpaid overtime that they argued the company owed […]

One in seven care workers on zero- hours contracts

Zero Hours Contract | HR Solutions

The latest Office for National Statistics figures show a steep rise in the number of care workers on zero-hours contracts. In 2015, the number stood at roughly one in ten. It is now one in seven. Unemployment steady but employment insecure These figures follow the news that in the three months up to August, UK […]

Deliveroo will not force workers to take on new contracts

Deliveroo | HR Solutions

Following protests by its workers, takeaway delivery company Deliveroo has announced it will withdraw plans to make staff take on new contracts, which would have seen them earning less than the National Living Wage. Many workers said that the new deal could mean that they would earn less money and lose the security of an […]

Anti-Avoidance Measures & Zero Hours Contracts

Zero Hours Contract | HR Solutions

The Government last week published new legislation to protect employees from exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts. These exclusivity clauses prevent employees from taking on secondary jobs to supplement their income. The proposals outline the consequences for any employer found to be enforcing exclusivity clauses, which include the right for the affected employee to seek […]

Ban on Exclusivity Clauses in Zero-Hours Contracts


A ban on exclusivity clauses in zero-hours contracts is now in effect following the introduction of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015. The introduction of the legislation means that an estimated 150,000 workers are now legally entitled to take work from more than one employer at a time. However the new legislation offers […]

Government to Tackle Zero Hours Contracts


Tougher action will be taken against businesses who abuse zero hours contracts thanks to new legislation introduced during this year’s Queen’s Speech. Just last month the business secretary Vince Cable outlined the government’s plans to tackle zero hours contracts due to alarming figures from the Office for National Statistics, which revealed that there are approximately 1.4m […]

Zero Hours Contracts Bill 2014

HR Advice Line | HR Solutions

The Zero Hours Contracts Bill will prohibit the use of zero hours employment contracts, particularly those requiring workers to be available for work but where there is no guarantee of work available. The Office of National Statistics estimates at least 200,000 people are employed on zero hours contracts in the UK, of which 75,000 are […]


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