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Changes to employment rights – holiday, working time records and TUPE


The Employment Rights (Amendment, Revocation and Transitional Provision) Regulations 2023 have brought about key changes to employment rights which were brought into force on 1 January 2024, however they will not effect most practices until later in the year. These changes have been outlined below along with key information: Holiday pay and calculation Further to […]

Barclays installs motion sensors to monitor how often their bankers use their desks

Motions Sensors | HR Solutions

Staff working for Barclays plc in London arrived at work to discover black boxes underneath their desks. Their bank bosses had installed tracking devices to monitor how often staff used their desks. The devices, known as OccupEye, use heat and motion sensors to log how long people remain at their posts. Their purpose is to […]

Italy considering trialling four-day working week

Working Week | HR Solutions

To help tackle Italy’s growing unemployment, councillors have put their support behind proposals to introduce a four-day week. The proposals will cut the working week from 40 to 32 hours. This, councillors claim, would create around 200,000 jobs by introducing new job roles in a variety of industries and provide work for the country’s 160,000 […]

French employees have legal right not to check emails outside work

E-Mails | HR Solutions

From 1 January 2017, employees in France will have the legal right to ‘disconnect’ from work while out of hours. French employers will have to guarantee that their workers have a ‘right to disconnect’ from technology. Companies with over 50 workers will have to outline when it’s acceptable for staff to be offline outside the […]

Amazon to trial 30-hour working week


Amazon is planning a trial that will see some of its staff working only 30 hours a week. Instead of working the usual 40-hour week, a number of Amazon staff from the company’s human resources department will be allowed to reduce their hours to just 30. This will mean that they will earn 75% of […]

Restaurant Cuts Hours to Improve Quality of Life

Restaurant Cuts Hours to Improve Quality of Life | HR Solutions

An award-winning restaurant has reduced its opening hours in a bid to improve staff quality of life. Hibiscus, a two Michelin-starred establishment run by chef Claude Bosi, has reduced its lunch services from five days to three days a week. Lunch now runs from Thursday to Saturday whilst dinner runs from Tuesday to Saturday, giving staff […]

Work travelling time should count as working time

Working Time

The recent European Court of Justice judgement ruled those without a fixed or habitual office should consider the travelling time they spend between their homes and the premises of their first and last jobs as part of their hours for the day. The ruling relates to the Working Time Directive – the European initiative which […]


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