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Neonatal Leave and Pay

Neonatal Leave and Pay | HR Solutions

The Government have proposed to introduce new rights for eligible employees to receive ‘Neonatal Leave’ and ‘Neonatal Pay’ to support families when a baby is born prematurely or sick and receives care in a neonatal unit.  This article discusses what those rights are expected to be and when they are expected to come into force. What […]

Budget 2016 and Your Business

Salary Sacrifice | HR Solutions

As the Government’s austerity measures come under increasing scrutiny we take a look at what last week’s Budget means for you. Beyond the noise thrown up by the ‘Sugar Tax’ and Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation, there is still the matter of the actual Budget itself. Chancellor George Osborne announced plans to cut the main rate […]

Employment Law 2016

UK Employment Law 2016 | HR Solutions

The key cases and employment law legislation that could affect your business over the next 12 months. 2016 is here, and it brings with it important legislative changes, a key Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) verdict, and a possible referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the European Union. Pensions Auto Enrolment Do you know your staging […]

Father denied full pay during shared parental leave

Parental Leave | HR Solutions

A father in Glasgow is celebrating a £30,000 tribunal win for sex discrimination, after his employer would only pay him statutory pay during shared parental leave, although mothers receive full pay. The employment tribunal heard that the Network Rail employee David Snell and his wife, wanted to take advantage of the opportunity of shared parental […]

Statutory Maternity and Sick Pay Rates Frozen for 2016

Statutory Pay Rates Frozen | HR Solutions

Following on from the Autumn Budget, the Government has announced that there will be no increase to a variety of statutory pay rates in 2016. The affected statutory rates include maternity and paternity pay, shared parental pay, adoption pay and sick pay. A complete list of the Government’s statutory pay rates for 2016 can be […]

Government Announces Shared Parental Leave for Grandparents

Shared Parental Leave for Grandparents | HR Solutions

Grandparents will be able to take shared parental leave and pay under plans laid out by Chancellor George Osborn. The chancellor announced the plan at the Conservative party conference last weekend. Consultations on the details of the policy will take place next year, with the policy set for 2018. The coalition government introduced Shared Parental […]

Netflix Offers Year of Fully Paid Parental Leave

Netflix Offers Fully Paid Parental Leave for 12 Months | HR Solutions

Netflix has introduced fully-paid parental leave as its latest unlimited employee benefit. The media streaming giant has introduced the policy as a means of attracting and retaining the best talent. It covers the first year following a child’s birth or adoption. Parents will have the flexibility to stay at home, drop in when they can or […]

Career Limits for Working Mums

Parental Leave | HR Solutions

Over half of working mums (56%) believe that they would have gotten further in their careers if they did not have children. The research, carried out by, also found that a third of working mothers (33%) feel guilty if they have to take leave from work due to parental responsibilities. Despite the introduction of […]

Planning Your Business HR for 2015

Employment Law

The future looks particularly uncertain as we head into 2015, but HR Solutions are here to ensure that your business HR is in great shape. Mixed economic predictions for 2015 provide little comfort for UK business owners, with analysts disagreeing over the rate of growth whilst others warn of a potential return to recession. The Financial […]

Eight Facts About Shared Parental Leave

Couple standing on a beach watching sunset

HR Solutions have prepared a brief guide to help you familiarise yourself with the new Shared Parental Leave legislation. On 1st December 2014 new employment laws came into effect allowing parents to split parental leave between them. Shared Parental Leave (SPL) applies to the parents who are responsible for any child due (or placed for […]


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