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HMRC off-payroll working rules

HMRC off-payroll working rules | HR Solutions

The HMRC off-payroll working rules apply where a worker provides services through an intermediary, such as their own personal services company. The rules are designed to make sure that workers, who would be employees if they were providing their services directly to the client, pay the same tax and National Insurance as those employed directly […]

Brexit New Withdrawal Agreement

The New Withdrawal Agreement was reached on 17th October 2019, and the Political Declaration was published. With this, a flextension date for Britain’s departure from the EU was agreed up until the end of January 2020. Rights of Workers The new agreement for withdrawal from the EU discusses the rights of workers and self-employed persons […]

Employment Rights and the Future for Workers

Employment Rights and Workers | HR Solutions

In relation to employment status, did you know that all employees are workers, but not all workers are employees? It is important for employers to distinguish the two correctly from the outset, as the statutory rights attached to each are different and getting this wrong can be costly. What is employment status?  The dividing line […]

Pimlico Plumbers: worker wins supreme court judgement

Pimlico Plumbers Worker Status | HR Solutions

Gig economy and employment status On the judgment date of 13th June 2018, Gary Smith was victorious, as his battle to be identified as a worker was further supported in a ruling at the Supreme Court. This employment status case is well renowned. It emphasised the fact that labelling a worker as ‘self-employed’ does not mean […]

Employee, Self Employed or Worker – What’s the Difference?

Employment Status | HR Solutions

Employment status within the gig economy has been a hot topic over the past few years. As most of our readers will be aware, at one end of the spectrum we have employees (with full employment rights); at the other, we have the genuinely self-employed (with no employment rights), and in the middle we have […]

Prime minister delays tax rise for self-employed

Self Employed | HR Solutions

Prime minister Theresa May has agreed to delay controversial legislation that would have increased national insurance contributions for self-employed people. Her announcement comes after a number of senior MPs publicly criticised the government over the proposals. But delaying the vote until the autumn has sparked suggestions that the government are simply trying to soften the […]

Court rejects firm’s appeal for its plumbers to have self-employed status

Pimlico Plumbers Worker Status | HR Solutions

The gig economy remains firmly under the spotlight as Pimlico Plumbers loses its fight over the classification of its workers.   Gary Smith worked as a plumber for Pimlico Plumbers for six years. He won an employment tribunal that challenged the company’s opinion that he worked for them as a self-employed contractor. The company had […]

Employee, worker or self-employed?

Self Employed

It would seem that the controversy over employment status which resulted in so much bad publicity for Sports Direct, and which then put Uber and Deliveroo under the spotlight, is continuing to rumble. Last month saw two new reported cases – Dhillon and Dhillon v HMRC and Dewhurst v CitySprint UK Ltd.2- Feb) The first […]


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