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General Election and Employment: Apprenticeships

General Election 2024 Insights Apprenticeships

In our latest ‘General Election 2024 Insights’ news article, we consider the value of apprentices to SMEs. Political Party Commitments As all political parties continue with their campaigning for the July 4 General Election, we are hearing about how each one is committing to apprenticeships, should they win.  The Conservatives, for instance, have pledged 100,000 […]

Recruiting Ex-Offenders: An Opportunity for Employers

Recruiting ex-offenders

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has published guidance on recruiting, employing and retaining people with convictions. This guidance comes at a time when the government and KPMG are urging employers to consider recruiting ex-offenders to reduce reoffending rates and stimulate economic growth. KPMG’s Initiative in Recruiting Ex-Offenders KPMG has piloted a scheme […]

Apprenticeships: A solution to your recruitment challenges


Here is the Hot Topic for December 2023 and an accompanying webinar will follow, which will be hosted on 11 January 2024 Introduction Is your organisation struggling to recruit? Are you struggling to find qualified candidates to fill your open positions? Or are you looking for a way to upskill your existing workforce? In this […]

How difficult is it to recruit right now?


SMEs continue to find  it challenging to recruit. The data shows us in our most recent SME Business Survey 2022/23, which was published earlier this year, that recruitment was in the top 3 of major challenges facing businesses. 50% of respondents also acknowledged that recruitment was one area of the business that they would consider outsourcing. To understand […]

Identifying Leadership Potential


There is no single definition of “leadership”, which means different things to different people. These include “getting others to follow”, or “getting people to do things willingly” or simply “inspiring and influencing” other people. Some people are ‘born leaders’ whilst for others this skill needs to be nurtured and developed (although even those with innate leadership […]

National Minimum Wage to Increase in 2022

National Minimum Wage Increases for 2022 The Government has announced the National Minimum Wage (NMW) increases for next year. The top band, known as the National Living Wage, will increase from £8.91 to £9.50 per hour from April 2022. This band applies to those aged 23 and over and is an increase of 6.6 per […]

UK employers facing staffing squeeze as number of vacancies hit record high

Employers face the worst candidate shortage on record as Brexit, and a post-lockdown surge in the economy are impacting recruitment. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) reveals that employers are growing increasingly frustrated as vacancies reach 1.66 million, with that figure expected to rise in the next few months. The staffing squeeze has been made […]



From 1 July 2021, new Right to Work checks must take place for businesses in the UK. The departure of the UK from the European Union and the ending of the free movement of people has led to significant changes to how we recruit in the UK. This article looks at these changes and reviews […]

Right to work checks and key recruitment changes in June

Update on the COVID-19 emergency right to work checks In March 2020, the UK Government introduced emergency legislation on how to deal with right to work checks during the pandemic.  We reported last month that these checks would be extended until 20 June 2021 given the continuation of lockdown measures for many businesses.    It has now been […]

Points Based Immigration System

Summary The free movement of people within the EU to the UK will ended on 31 December 2020 and from 1 January 2021 a new points based immigration system was introduced, which will treat EU and non-EU citizens equally in terms of working in the UK.   This article explains how the new system. What is […]

Skilled Worker Visa


From 1 January 2021, under the new points-based immigration system, EU and non-EU nationals wishing to work in the UK will require a visa (unless they already have pre-settled or settled status). There are several ways in which to gain the legal right to work within the UK, this article looks specifically at the skilled worker route, […]

Brexit: Impact on Unemployment and Recruitment 

Brexit Recruitment and Employment | HR Solutions

We have officially left the EU and are in a transition period, but it is this transition period which is key phase as it will result in how the UK and EU conduct future trade.   Negotiations are currently ongoing to determine the future relationship between the UK and EU.   The agreement will be vital in determining how Brexit impacts on the […]

Running a Successful Recruitment Campaign

Reduce Recruitment Costs | HR Solutions

With the current COVID-19 Pandemic and the general uncertainty that business’ face, recruitment will for many, be on hold.  Equally, employees will continue to stay with their organisations where perhaps ordinarily, they may have explored external opportunities with other organisations. When the job market resumes, business’ will be fighting to secure the best candidate and […]

How talent acquisition is transforming traditional recruitment

Talent acquisition and recruitment | HR Solutions

At a time when businesses in the UK are desperately looking for talented staff to hit the ground running, industries are facing a chronic skills gap. Research from the Inclusionary Leadership Group predicts that the nationwide talent shortage will reach 23 million workers by 2020. To survive in the modern market place, businesses need to […]

HR challenges and opportunities for SMEs 

HR for SME and New Businesses | HR Solutions

The 5.9 million small to medium sized enterprises (SME) in the UK, face challenges including managing cash flow, generating new business, creating an effective marketing strategy and effectively managing HR issues. Current concerns about the Brexit transition, a national skills shortage and uncertainty over employee status are all added pressures for small business owners and […]

Strategic human resources planning

Strategic Human Resources | HR Solutions | Employment Law | HR Strategy

The most valuable asset an organisation has is its human resources – its employees. Their skills and knowledge and their relationships with key partners and customers are often irreplaceable and can play a key role in determining the organisation’s success. Human resources planning has become an integral part of many organisations’ strategies. Effective HR planning […]

Recruitment: digital technology set to transform talent acquisition

Digital Technology | Talent Acquisition | HR Solutions

Digital technology is quickly becoming a priority for many UK businesses. With changing customer behaviours and digital disruption, a growing number of businesses are looking for new ways to maintain their competitive edge. Every stage of the digital transformation process sees the requirements for talent and skills change and for many businesses this creates challenges […]

UK businesses lose £195 million on job-hopping workers

Job Hopping Workers | Recruitment | HR Solutions

Half of British workers are looking to change jobs in the next year, leading to employers finding themselves significantly out of pocket as they face the reality of managing an unproductive workforce. Research by UK job board Totaljobs and employer brand specialists Universum has revealed that the cost to businesses of workers hunting for new […]

5 ways to reduce your recruitment costs

Reduce Recruitment Costs | HR Solutions

Up to 70% of UK businesses expect to reduce hiring over the next year in a bid to cut costs, according to a nationwide CFO survey by Deloitte. With Brexit on the horizon, an increasing number of businesses are focused on cost reduction as the continued uncertainty around the country’s EU exit takes its toll. […]

Social media tips for attracting and recruiting top talent

Social media recruitment tips | HR Solutions

As many as 84% of businesses are now recruiting via social media, according to research from the Society for Human Resources Management. Technology and social media have increasingly taken centre stage in every aspect of our professional and personal lives and has added a new dimension to recruitment that employers are keen to take advantage […]


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