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Key Employment Payment Rates for 2023

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As we continue through 2023, employment rates are set to change and employers need to be aware of the upcoming changes and how they could affect their business. The UK National Minimum Wage is the minimum pay, per hour, that an employer must pay an employee. This article looks at the UK National Minimum wage […]

Guide to the National Minimum Wage 2022

National Minimum Wage UK | Employment Law | HR Solutions

What is the National Minimum Wage? The National Minimum Wage Act 1998 was introduced to create a statutory minimum hourly wage rate for employees and workers. The National Minimum Wage (NMW) framework includes different pay levels depending upon a person’s age. When first introduced back in April 1999, the pay bands within the NMW were […]

National Minimum Wage to Increase in 2022

National Minimum Wage Increases for 2022 The Government has announced the National Minimum Wage (NMW) increases for next year. The top band, known as the National Living Wage, will increase from £8.91 to £9.50 per hour from April 2022. This band applies to those aged 23 and over and is an increase of 6.6 per […]

Real Living Wage boosted to £9.50 per hour 

Real Living Wage | HR Solutions

According to the Living Wage Foundation, over 250,000 people will see wages boosted by 20p to £9.50 if their employer has signed up to the ‘Real Living Wage‘, and employees should receive the new rate in May 2021. Not to be confused with the National Living Wage (NLW), the Real Living Wage is a recommendation of the Living Wage Foundation that ensure all workers earn a wage that covers […]

New Case Ruling: Working Time in the Care Sector 

Working Time in Care Industry | Employment Tribunal Case | HR Solutions

A group of home care providers have been ordered to pay more than £100,000 in backdated earnings, around £10,000 per employee, the equivalent of 9 months full time work at the national minimum wage and holiday pay.    Unison, on behalf of ten employees brought a tribunal claim against three care providers for failing to pay […]

The facts about zero-hours contracts

Zero Hour Contracts | HR Solutions | Employment Law

The once traditional Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, is now only the norm for a minority of people. As both employers and workers look for more flexible alternatives, the number of zero-hours contracts has grown rapidly in recent years leading to what has become widely-known as the ‘gig economy’. It’s estimated that 896,000 people […]

Record number of workers paid below National Minimum Wage

Below National Minimum Wage | HR Solutions

A record number of workers in the UK are being paid less than the National Minimum Wage (NMW), according to a report by the Low Pay Commission (LPC). Most people who work, and are of at least school leaving age, are entitled to get paid at least the National Minimum Wage. This includes casual workers, […]

National Minimum Wage (NMW) and other rate increases 2020

National Minimum Wage 2020 | HR Solutions | Employment Law

The government has confirmed it will raise the National Insurance threshold to £9,500 in 2020. The National Living Wage has also been increased by 6.2%.  The new rates are below. Further to the announcement of the most recent Budget in 2019, the new National Minimum/Living Wage will increase from 1st April 2020, as follows: Workers […]

Right to Work Checks and EU Nationals

Right to Work and EU Nationals | HR Solutions

UK employers have a responsibility to prevent illegal working, and in order to do so, they should conduct right to work checks before employing someone.  Preventing illegal working helps to deter tax evasion, malpractices with the National Minimum Wage and exploitative working conditions, including modern slavery. Guidance from the Home Office states that by conducting […]

Sleep-ins and the national minimum wage: significant ruling by the Court of Appeal

Sleep-ins National Minimum Wage | Carers | HR Solutions

On 16th July 2018, in Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake, the England and Wales Court of Appeal made the distinction between being ‘available to work’, (as per section 15 (1)/32 of the National Minimum Wage (NMW) Regulations), and ‘actually working’ (as per section 15 (1A)/32). It ruled that NMW was only payable in respect of the latter. Sleep-in shifts […]

Payment Increases for April 2018

Payment Increases April 2018 | HR Solutions

The new tax year brings the annual payment increases in many pay bandings; some from the beginning of the month and some follow shortly afterward. See our tables below for what’s changed and when. Minimum wage National Minimum Wage 1 April 2018 1 April 2017 Aged 25 and above (national living wage rate) £7.83 £7.50 Aged […]

Amazon drivers admit breaking speed limit to stay on schedule

Amazon Drivers | HR Solutions

Amazon drivers have revealed that they have to break speed limits in order to keep to their strict delivery schedule. The online retailer has also been accused of allowing drivers to work illegal hours and paying them less than minimum wage. As part of a BBC investigation, an undercover reporter worked for AHC Services who […]

Sports Direct to pay staff £1m in back pay

BHS | HR Solutions

The sportswear firm, Sports Direct, has agreed to pay its workers around £1m in wage arrears. Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley admitted that his company broke the law, by paying staff less than the minimum wage. Trade Unions have said that they expect the back pay could be anything up to £1,000 for some workers […]

Prime Minister refuses to back down on National Living Wage plans

National Living Wage

Prime Minister Theresa May has said that she will not back down on the Government’s plans to increase the national living wage over the next few years. Mrs May has dismissed calls from top business leaders to drop its 2012 target and restore the powers of the Low Pay Commission. The minimum pay rate for over […]

Government’s list of minimum wage offenders

National Living Wage

The Government has named and shamed almost 200 businesses for failing to pay the National Minimum Wage. The 197 employers, included football clubs, care homes, hotels, hairdressers and recruitment agencies. Altogether they owed staff £465,291 in wage arrears. All the outstanding money has now been paid to the workers. Top of the Government’s list of […]

M&S forced to defend changes to pay structure

M&S | HR Solutions

Popular high street chain, Marks and Spencer (M&S) has been forced to defend its new pay structure after it was revealed that their employees could lose out on thousands of pounds each year. The changes to their existing policy were announced in May 2016, and a decision on their enforcement will be made 60 days […]

Marks and Spencers to drop antisocial pay to offset wage increase

Salary Sacrifice | HR Solutions

Marks and Spencers has announced plans to boost basic pay for its workers by 15%, but those earning special pay rates are expected to lose out. The high street retailer says that the pay rise will give their employees one of the highest hourly rates in retail in the country. They are planning to increase […]

Employee benefits cut to focus on profitability

Working Environment | HR Solutions

While an increasing number of UK employers are tightening their belts after the introduction of the National Living Wage and pension auto enrolment, businesses over in the Silicon Valley are taking serious measures to improve profitability and cut excess spending. Dropbox is one several high profile companies that has recently announced that it will be […]

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