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Football Managers: How Would They Be Punished in the Office?

Football Manager Offences and Workplace HR | HR Solutions

As HR Knowledge Manager at HR Solutions, I had the interesting task of helping Viking, suppliers of office equipment,  with their recently selected real-life offences from football management. They asked me to compare what might have happened if the offences committed had taken place in an office environment.   The pressure cooker of football management can sometimes get […]

How to Manage a Pay Rise Request

Employment Tribunal | HR Solutions

Recent research has found that a quarter of UK employees would rather clean their house than ask for a raise. Almost one in five (18%) would prefer to look for a new job than speak to their current manager, whilst 8% would rather go to the dentist. 3% of respondents stated that they would rather run […]

Monitoring Private Emails at Work: What You Need to Know

Private Emails at Work | HR Solutions

The European Court has reaffirmed that employers can read private emails and chat messages sent by employees. The ruling has caused a media panic that employers can now ‘snoop’ on their employees, although this is far from the case. Furthermore, given previous UK Employment Tribunals, very little has actually changed. Regardless, with the case generating […]

Batman, Superman & Conflict in the Workplace

Batman, Superman & Conflict in the Workplace | HR Solutions

From Batman v Superman to Marvel’s Civil War, Hollywood is turning team mates against each other this year. It raises a good question – how do you manage conflict in the workplace? “That’s how it starts. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men… cruel.” So says Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred […]

Employee health and wellbeing: managing absence and lateness

Health, wellbeing, absence and lateness at work | HR Solutions

Let’s discuss employee health and wellbeing in relation to absence as well as lateness.  What are the effects that absence and lateness can have on your business, and what are the most effective ways to manage them? Absent and constantly late employees don’t just affect your organisation’s productivity; they can also have a negative impact […]

Planning the Christmas Party

Planning the Christmas Party | HR Solutions

The Christmas party is a great opportunity to thank staff for their efforts over the last year, relax a little and get to know people outside of work. However, it’s always a concern when the alcohol starts to flow and your employees let their hair down. Romances, punch-ups and offensive jokes can be par for […]

Employee Management: Team Building

Employee Management: Team Building | HR Solutions

Our next management guide looks at how you can develop your employees and turn them into a high-performing team. Click here to find out more about the basics of employee management. It’s rare for co-workers to become lifelong friends yet we spend the majority of our waking lives with our colleagues. One of the trickiest […]

Employee Management: The Basics

Employee Management: The Basics | HR Solutions

The first of our management guides takes a look at day-to-day employee management and what you can do to boost engagement in your workplace. First and foremost, getting the right people for the job is key. Maintaining a smooth environment once your team is in place however requires knowledge, perception, and the ability to lead from the […]


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