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Running a Successful Recruitment Campaign

Reduce Recruitment Costs | HR Solutions

With the current COVID-19 Pandemic and the general uncertainty that business’ face, recruitment will for many, be on hold.  Equally, employees will continue to stay with their organisations where perhaps ordinarily, they may have explored external opportunities with other organisations. When the job market resumes, business’ will be fighting to secure the best candidate and […]

UK businesses lose £195 million on job-hopping workers

Job Hopping Workers | Recruitment | HR Solutions

Half of British workers are looking to change jobs in the next year, leading to employers finding themselves significantly out of pocket as they face the reality of managing an unproductive workforce. Research by UK job board Totaljobs and employer brand specialists Universum has revealed that the cost to businesses of workers hunting for new […]

Recruitment tips – raise your game

Recruitment Tips | Fixed Fee Recruitment | HR Solutions

Is it time to revisit your common approach to recruitment? In this article we look at some commonly used approaches, but with a fresh look for a fresh year ahead.   Progression planning Progression planning is a common HR strategy used to safeguard an organisation against staff shortages. Particularly for senior positions where a level understanding […]

Recruitment and Brexit

Recruitment | HR Solutions

Inevitably many factors associated with Britain’s exit from the European Union are impacting on the country’s workforce and employment market, and effectiveness of recruitment techniques.   Planning to go The Office for National Statistics (ONS) recently conducted a review which showed 7% of the UK workforce is from Europe which equates to approx. 2.2 million […]

Companies speed up the recruitment process

Recruitment on the Rise | HR Solutions

Nearly half of companies have shortened their recruitment times so they can get staff in post much quicker.   Research by Totaljobs reveals that 46% of employers have streamlined their hiring procedures to make it easier to find good candidates and get them in post quickly. They were also concerned that candidates were put off […]

Best UK Jobs for 2016 Revealed

Best UK Jobs for 2016 Revealed | HR Solutions

Employer review website Glassdoor has revealed their list of the 25 best jobs in the UK for the year ahead. Glassdoor identifies the most desirable jobs in the country based on three factors: earning potential, career opportunities and job availability. This is the second such annual survey by the site. Management roles made up eight of the […]

Do applicants still need degrees for graduate jobs?

Graduate Jobs | HR Solutions

Graduate job seekers who may not have made the grade at university, could still have a good chance of getting the job of their dreams after four big employers made significant changes to their academic entry requirements.   Ernst Young Accountancy firm Ernst & Young is the fifth largest graduate recruiter in the UK. Last […]

A game changer for making recruitment decisions

Recruitment | HR Solutions

In the battle to hire the best talent, many employers are looking at new ways of recruiting, but could a smartphone game help them to make their recruitment decisions?   As more employers are expanding their recruitment to include school leavers and people with less traditional qualifications, they are looking for other ways to select […]

Revealed: Jobs Most Likely to Get a Pay Rise

Lower Pay Rises than Expected for 2016 | HR Solutions

Have you had a pay rise in the last 12 months? A report has identified the UK industries most likely to offer a pay increase over the last year.   The UK Salary and Recruiting Trends report by recruitment agency Hays is one of the most comprehensive annual guides to what employees in the UK are […]


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