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Employee salaries failing to keep up with inflation levels

gender pay statement

The third quarter of 2022 has been hugely significant to employers, with a great deal of focus on the economic climate and The Cost of Living challenges. Between June and August, the UK saw the strongest growth in employee salaries since before the pandemic started, however in real terms (due to rising inflation), the average […]

5 HR trends to look out for in 2020

5 HR trends to look out for in 2020 | HR Solutions

During the last decade, the scope of HR has expanded and evolved alongside advances in technology, changes in the way organisations function, how teams are managed and how employees set their expectation regarding work. As human resources embark on a new decade, HR must focus more on the human element of human resources and people […]

UK drops six places in global gender equality rankings

Gender Equality | Gender Wage Gap | HR Solutions

The UK has dropped from its position as the 15th most equal nation in 2018 to the 21st within the 2019 gender equality rankings. Despite consecutive governments pledging to tackle gender imbalance in the UK, the country has not only dropped six places in the global rankings for gender equality, but it could take 100 […]

UK businesses lose £195 million on job-hopping workers

Job Hopping Workers | Recruitment | HR Solutions

Half of British workers are looking to change jobs in the next year, leading to employers finding themselves significantly out of pocket as they face the reality of managing an unproductive workforce. Research by UK job board Totaljobs and employer brand specialists Universum has revealed that the cost to businesses of workers hunting for new […]

How to avoid 5 common recruitment mistakes

Avoid Recruitment Mistakes | HR Solutions

Businesses are failing to hire the right candidate for two out of five roles, according to a report by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation. Recruitment is an expensive and time-consuming part of running a business, but a bad hire can be even more costly. A poor hire at middle management level on a salary of […]

Interesting HR Statistics: October 2019

HR Statistics October 2019 | HR Solutions

HEALTH & WELLBEING:  Cancer in the workplace Unum, an employee benefits specialist, have published the results of their recent survey of 300 employees who have been diagnosed with or received treatment for cancer in the past five years. It explored workers’ attitudes and challenges, as well as best practices for how employers can support their […]

Interesting HR Statistics August 2019

HR Statistics August 2019 | HR Solutions

In this HR article, we share a summary of some interesting statistics that were released in 2019.   Brexit:  EU Settlement Scheme In August 2019, the one-millionth person was granted a status under the scheme which allows EU citizens currently residing and working in the UK under the right to free movement, to continue to do […]

Interesting HR Statistics: Pay and Benefits

HR Statistics | Gender and Pay | HR Solutions

Gender Pay Gap The Royal Statistical Society has made 10 gender pay gap recommendations to improve the current reporting system, which it considers to be flawed in a number of ways. For example, many of the first round of reports contained figures that were self-evidently wrong, such as one employer who stated that the gender pay gap […]

Tribunal cases and wait times increasing

Employment Tribunal | HR Solutions

Minutes taken at the Employment Tribunals (England and Wales) National User Group meeting which took place in September, have recently been published. These indicate a 165% increase in single claims compared to last year. This is in line with the Ministry of Justice’s figures which reported a 130% increase in outstanding singles cases for the […]

Interesting HR Statistics 2018

HR Statistics Employment Law HR Solutions

In this HR article we share a summary of some interesting statistics that were released in 2018. Most dads take 6 months shared parental leave at Aviva This news follows the government’s announcement to launch a campaign about shared parental leave after poor levels of take up across the country (2%). The insurance company introduced […]

Working Environment more important than reward packages

Working Environment | HR Solutions

There can be little doubt that a good working environment is essential for many of us – after all, with most of us spending an increasing amount of time in the work place, it’s important that it is comfortable, welcoming, and appealing. A recent workplace study conducted by British Land, many employees would consider an […]


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