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No Falls Week

No falls week

According to statistics published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) it has been identified that tragically, between 2022 and 2023, the main cause of fatalities at work was due to falls from a height. This resulted in 40 workers losing their lives. Launching the first No Falls Week This year, the first ever No Falls Week will run […]

Whistleblowing in the workplace


The recent allegations against Russell Brand in the mainstream media have highlighted the importance of workplace safety, an employer’s duty of care and the need for strong whistleblowing policies for businesses. Whistleblowing is the colloquial term commonly used to describe the disclosure by a worker of some wrongdoing (such as fraud, misleading the public or […]

Companies fined for safety breaches

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that two companies have failed in their duty to provide a safe system of work. Leeds Magistrates’ Court heard that a delivery driver who was working for Brighouse Pallet Services Ltd was struck by falling pallets, whilst unloading from a HGV trailer. The incident occurred […]

Outsourced HR: The Pros and Cons

What is Outsourced HR? Outsourced HR is a contractual agreement between an employer and an external third-party provider whereby the employer transfers the management of, and processing of key employment practices for certain HR functions to the external provider. If you are struggling to keep up with HR tasks in your organisation, or simply don’t […]

10 Trends Which Will Shape Your HR Strategy

Each year, we look at the key trends that will shape HR strategies for employers, due to policy changes, social, economic, and political factors. It is likely that developments in HR policy will continue throughout 2022 and as we continue to adapt the way in which we work because of the pandemic, we must also […]

Seven things to do if COVID-19 restrictions in England end early

The latest COVID-19 development on 9 February raises the question of whether all COVID-19 restrictions will end early for England, including the requirement to self-isolate when positive. At present, we are working to measures being relaxed when the Regulations expire on 24 March, however, it was announced yesterday that the requirement to self-isolate may end […]

Construction company heavily fined

Construction worker dies after falling from tower A construction company has been fined after a worker died as a result of falling from a mobile tower and later died in hospital. Cambridge Magistrates Court heard how Sean Harding was working from a mobile tower flattening a steel beam that was positioned on a door lintel. […]

Highest Health and Safety Executive fine for 2021

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued its highest value fine for 2021 to rail operator W.H. Malcom Ltd. following a boy’s death. The company must pay £6.5m after it was found guilty of negligence after an 11-year-old boy was fatally electrocuted in 2017. The boy managed to get into the Daventry International Rail […]

Health and Safety in the News

Health and Safety accident results in £20,000 fine A manufacturing company has been fined in excess of £20,000 after a health and safety accident. A worker’s hand was drawn into a roller and crushed after the company had not correctly assessed the risks involved. At the time of the accident, Chris Ellor, a director of […]

Health & Safety division celebrates first anniversary

HR Solutions is celebrating its first full year of servicing clients for health and safety. In August 2020, we took the decision to launch the service, following feedback from our clients. Dominic Greenwood heads up the division, taking it from a standing start to boasting more than 20 clients in less than 12 months. Despite […]

Manufacturing company fined after workers exposed to asbestos

Manufacturing Company Fined | Workers Exposed to Asbestos

Power Link Machines (UK) Ltd was sentenced for safety breaches after the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) was informed the company was using gaskets within its generator sets that contained asbestos. Prohibition Notice The company was served with a Prohibition Notice on 26 March 2018 requiring them to stop the use of these gaskets and […]

Coronavirus Tribunal Claim: dismissal for refusing to wear a face mask

Coronavirus Tribunal Claim | Dismissal | HR Solutions

The UK is now starting to see claims at employment tribunal connected to employment disputes arising out of the pandemic. Coronavirus related employment claims can include breach of contract and discrimination in respect of Furlough, both in terms of the selection and process in managing the scheme and unfair dismissal claims in respect of redundancy […]

Safe System of Work Could Have Prevented Accident

Safe System of Work | Health and Safety

A mattress manufacturer was fined after an employee was dragged into machine and suffered multiple injuries.  This article shows how accidents can happen if machines are not checked properly and the correct safety control measures are not evident. It also shows how easy it is to access moving parts of machines.  Where there is a […]

Interesting Case: Breach of Health and Safety Regulations

Interesting Case: Breach of Health and Safety Regulations | HR Solutions

The following interesting health and safety case shows how even the biggest employers and well-respected companies that we all use still have difficulty in checking, maintaining and making their equipment safe. This accident could have been far worse and could have resulted in the worker not only losing their arm but the effect this could […]

Health and Safety – Legal Minimum Requirements

Why manage health and safety? | HR Solutions | HSE Solutions

This guidance article will help you to consider health and safety in your workplace; because of the size and complexity of the relevant legislation, it can only provide the basic facts and is therefore not exhaustive. Some regulations apply to all workplaces: others are specific to industries with known hazards. Note that employees are required […]

Health and Safety Update December 2020

Health and Safety Update December 2020 | HR Solutions

Covid-19 Secure Spot Checks HSE is continuing to conduct spot checks and inspections to ensure workplaces are Covid-19 secure.  Their inspections will enable businesses to seek further advice on how to manage the risks, protect workers, customers, and visitors. Participation in the spot checks is critical, and so where there is failure to do so, could […]

Health & Safety News: increase in companies being prosecuted due to crush injuries

Health and Safety Crush Injuries | HR Solutions

In recent months there has been an increase in crush injuries that have taken place in companies that span an array of different industries with the following just a brief example of some of the cases that have been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE): A company, which manufactures adhesive tape, has been […]

The worldwide economic impact of COVID-19

Coronavirus Worldwide Economic Impact | HR Solutions

The economic impact of the coronavirus continues to be felt by industries, businesses and employees across the world. Firms face navigating the complexities of keeping customers, employees  and suppliers safe; shoring-up cash and liquidity; re-orientating operations and navigating the various government funding programmes that are available. Ten months of COVID-19 It’s been ten months since […]

New Health, Safety and Environment Division for HR Solutions

Dominic Greenwood | Health Safety Environment | HSE Solutions | HR Solutions

HR Solutions is a leading firm of HR consultants and advisors; and we have recently made a key appointment to launch our new Health, Safety and Environment division, called HSE Solutions.  Based in Kettering, we operate in a variety of industries and have a client list ranging from small care agencies to multinational technology firms. To […]

Protecting Your Business

Protecting Your Business | HR Solutions | HR Advice

At a time of uncertainty, you will want to do everything within your means to keep your business running smoothly and to limit risk. As we continue to respond to Covid-19, managing the employment relationship is even more critical to ensure your business can survive and thrive. The biggest cost to any employer is its […]


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