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easyJet to offer £1k bonus to staff

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has published the latest labour market overview for May 2022, in which data shows that for the first time since records began, that the number of vacancies exceed the number of people unemployed. Employee retention For many businesses, recruitment is becoming increasingly difficult and they are turning to innovative […]

Right to work checks and key recruitment changes in June

Update on the COVID-19 emergency right to work checks In March 2020, the UK Government introduced emergency legislation on how to deal with right to work checks during the pandemic.  We reported last month that these checks would be extended until 20 June 2021 given the continuation of lockdown measures for many businesses.    It has now been […]

Running a Successful Recruitment Campaign

Reduce Recruitment Costs | HR Solutions

With the current COVID-19 Pandemic and the general uncertainty that business’ face, recruitment will for many, be on hold.  Equally, employees will continue to stay with their organisations where perhaps ordinarily, they may have explored external opportunities with other organisations. When the job market resumes, business’ will be fighting to secure the best candidate and […]

How talent acquisition is transforming traditional recruitment

Talent acquisition and recruitment | HR Solutions

At a time when businesses in the UK are desperately looking for talented staff to hit the ground running, industries are facing a chronic skills gap. Research from the Inclusionary Leadership Group predicts that the nationwide talent shortage will reach 23 million workers by 2020. To survive in the modern market place, businesses need to […]

5 ways to reduce your recruitment costs

Reduce Recruitment Costs | HR Solutions

Up to 70% of UK businesses expect to reduce hiring over the next year in a bid to cut costs, according to a nationwide CFO survey by Deloitte. With Brexit on the horizon, an increasing number of businesses are focused on cost reduction as the continued uncertainty around the country’s EU exit takes its toll. […]

Social media tips for attracting and recruiting top talent

Social media recruitment tips | HR Solutions

As many as 84% of businesses are now recruiting via social media, according to research from the Society for Human Resources Management. Technology and social media have increasingly taken centre stage in every aspect of our professional and personal lives and has added a new dimension to recruitment that employers are keen to take advantage […]

Top 5 tips for successful recruitment

Top Tips for Succesful Recruitment | HR Solutions | Employment Law

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) while the number of vacancies has generally been increasing since 2012, it has been falling since early 2019. From July to September 2019, there were around 813,000 job vacancies in the UK. Finding the best possible people who fit within your culture and contribute to your organisation […]

Recruitment tips – raise your game

Recruitment Tips | Fixed Fee Recruitment | HR Solutions

Is it time to revisit your common approach to recruitment? In this article we look at some commonly used approaches, but with a fresh look for a fresh year ahead.   Progression planning Progression planning is a common HR strategy used to safeguard an organisation against staff shortages. Particularly for senior positions where a level understanding […]

How to minimise risk: safer recruitment

Minimise Risk: Safer Recruitment | HR Solutions

Questions around how employment law affects recruitment and selection, are common. Safer recruitment checklists The key areas to be mindful of in relation to safer recruitment, are discrimination and data protection. Legislation relating to equality should inform all safe recruitment practices. The GDPR puts a fresh angle and tighter controls in legislation relating to confidentiality […]

Companies speed up the recruitment process

Recruitment on the Rise | HR Solutions

Nearly half of companies have shortened their recruitment times so they can get staff in post much quicker.   Research by Totaljobs reveals that 46% of employers have streamlined their hiring procedures to make it easier to find good candidates and get them in post quickly. They were also concerned that candidates were put off […]

A game changer for making recruitment decisions

Recruitment | HR Solutions

In the battle to hire the best talent, many employers are looking at new ways of recruiting, but could a smartphone game help them to make their recruitment decisions?   As more employers are expanding their recruitment to include school leavers and people with less traditional qualifications, they are looking for other ways to select […]

Five Ways Graduates Can Work For Your Business

Recruiting Talent | HR Solutions

It’s that time of year again. Graduates across the country are diving head first into the job market and looking for that first step into what they hope will be a long and successful career… Of course graduate or not, that’s what everyone is hoping for when they start out in the working world, which […]

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