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Tools for effective performance management at all levels

Performance Management

Effective performance management is essential for any business. When it is not managed effectively, it can be detrimental to business success, for instance: • There will be lower productivity • Poor customer service • Damage the reputation of the business • Expose the company to legal risk It is vital for any business to have […]

Building the skills and capabilities of your workforce

training and skills

The COVID-19 pandemic, and changes to UK immigration rules, have both significantly contributed to the challenges that many employers are facing with regards to recruiting and skill shortages. At the time of the pandemic, many businesses needed to re-prioritise tasks and focus on how the business could survive the period of uncertainty. Naturally, it meant […]

360 Degree Appraisals for Employee Development


A 360-degree appraisal is a tool which can be useful in supporting an employee’s development by providing a wider range of feedback to the employee than a standard appraisal review, thus helping to reinforce/change behaviour to improve performance in the job/future career development. What is a 360-degree appraisal? As the name implies, a 360-degree appraisal can be […]

Remote working: Managing Performance

work from home, remote work, managing performance

Before COVID-19 home working was relatively scarce, with many of us commuting to the office on a daily basis. These days however, many more employees enjoy the flexibility and reduced travel costs that working from home can bring. This article is accompanied by our webinar recording, which you can watch On Demand. Challenges of home […]

Creating a People Plan for 2023

People Plan

Creating a detailed people plan is integral to business success. As we move into 2023 , it remains crucial that businesses keep their business and people plans under review and make any necessary adjustments to them. In this article, we look at creating a 2023 people plan so that you can achieve success through your […]

Why employee retention is key to success and what you can do to improve it

Many employers have faced substantial challenges with recruiting staff. Unemployment levels of UK citizens is generally at its lowest, meaning there are fewer candidates in the job market than ever before. The impact of Brexit, the subsequent change in immigration rules and the pandemic has also meant that attracting overseas talent is even more of […]

Training courses in 2022 – A year for learning with HR Solutions

2022 is upon us and now is the perfect time to invest in your teams to ensure they have the required skills and training, to help take your business forward. If the pandemic did nothing else, it kickstarted a revolution in how and where we work.  Through new ways of flexible working, the changes that […]

What can we learn from the success of the Olympics?


Tokyo 2020 was undoubtedly an unusual Olympic Games. Athletes had no family, friends, or spectators present, and only their teammates and coaches to support them and share their successes. Yet, this didn’t prevent the athletes from delivering their best. With Team GB placing fourth on the medal table, accumulating 65 medals in total, athletes from all […]

What makes a good boss?

Good Manager | Management Skills | HR Solutions

Bad bosses can cost businesses billions of pounds and too many of them can be detrimental to a business.  A poor manager is often the reason even the best employees either love or leave their jobs; but when a company gets it right and hires skilled managers, the business will thrive in its industry and […]


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