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Working Environment more important than reward packages

By July 20, 2016January 30th, 2020Current Affairs, HR Research, Top Tip
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There can be little doubt that a good working environment is essential for many of us – after all, with most of us spending an increasing amount of time in the work place, it’s important that it is comfortable, welcoming, and appealing.

A recent workplace study conducted by British Land, many employees would consider an average of 5.5% reduction in their reward package in return for being able to work in the ideal office. 86% also stated that they would be more likely to stay in a job longer if they had the ideal office location and features, and 84% felt that, if they were trying to choose between two very similar jobs, the workplace would influence their decision.

But, what makes an ideal office? Clearly this is something that will vary from person to person, however, the study found that 92% of respondents felt that after location and transport links, the safety and security of the office were most important.

Access to food and drink were also important, with 90% of London-based respondents caring about the nearby food and drink options, alongside 72% located outside of the capital. The third most important criteria was communal working and meeting areas.

The study also found that for London Millennials, outdoor areas and gardens were important – 84% felt that it was an important factor yet only 65% were satisfied with the outdoor areas at their current workplace.

Tim Roberts, Head of Offices at British Land, has been quoted as stating: “The survey results point to a move away from the conventional modular or open plan offices, to more flexible space, with collaborative and in-between areas which encourage dialogue and interaction between workers.

“The survey results also underline that the office and its surrounds can play a significant role in staff recruitment and retention – but many companies underplay this. Knowing what matters to potential employees in terms of their physical surroundings can create differentiation and give an extra dimension to the messaging in recruitment marketing campaigns.”


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