HR Solutions Webinar:
Managing Home Workers: Working From Home and Winning

The coronavirus epidemic has brought about a time of extraordinary change and uncertainty for small businesses and their employees. In this webinar we are joined by Stefan Wissenbach from Engagement Multiplier who presents on how to help your home workers to be truly engaged and productive, as well as encourages you to ask the right questions, and provide the right support to them. In this interactive webinar, attendees questions were answered by our panelists.

Help Your Team Thrive

Engagement Multiplier created a tool to help business leaders quickly understand how their teams are adjusting to working remotely, and what adjustments need to be made to help employees stay connected and productive.  It takes just a few minutes to set up and launch the survey. It’s free, it’s confidential and results are immediately available – meaning you can benefit from immediate impact. Simply click on the link below to get started.

Start - Working From Home and Winning

Further HR Guidance and Support

HR Solutions are here to provide you with support and advice on any employment related issues; to find out more call us on 0844 324 5840 or contact us online.

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