Business Support – Team and Culture (IAP 7/7)

This webinar is the seventh and last of our free Business Support series in partnership with Nordens Chartered Accountants.  Over the series, Joe Sword, Head of Strategic Planning at Nordens, guides you through ‘7 Key Successes’  which are:  1. Vision and Goals,   2. Sales and Marketing,  3. Mindset,  4. Cashflow,  5. Systems and Processes,  6. Profitability, and  7. Team and Culture.

The final segment of the IAP is all about team and culture which provides the fabric and DNA of your business. Not having a clear direction for your team is one of the biggest sins to commit in business and it’s almost impossible to succeed without effective and regular communication in place. Good businesses are built and shaped around a solid core of people who collaboratively work together like clockwork, helping to stimulate growth in the process. Listening to your team and involving them in facets of the business, especially your goals and vision of the company, is imperative.


The Interactive Accelerator Programme

The IAP is built on the wheel of success, consisting of seven key areas which if all are achieved successfully, will guarantee prosperity.  Nordens recently received an insightful client testimonial about the IAP, from Toby Bawden, the founder of DropShop UK.  Toby said, “Starting on the IAP journey with Joe Sword has given myself and the business a completely new outlook and helped me focus on what we want to achieve with the business. Even though for 4 out of the 5 months we have been in lockdown since starting the IAP, we have seen some of the biggest growth in the business since we started.”

You can find out more about the Interactive Accelerator Program by downloading the brochure.