Business Support – Systems and Processes (IAP 5/7)

This webinar is the fifth of seven of our free Business Support series in partnership with Nordens Chartered Accountants.  Over the series, Joe Sword, Head of Strategic Planning at Nordens, guides you through ‘7 Key Successes’  which are:  1. Vision and Goals,   2. Sales and Marketing,  3. Mindset,  4. Cashflow,  5. Systems and Processes,  6. Profitability, and  7. Team and Culture.

Time-consuming and unnecessary tasks can slow down a business exponentially. Getting efficient, well-run systems and processes implemented can allow yourself and your team to focus on the important tasks that will progress your business to the next level. Inadequate systems and processes can substantially hold a business back and not embracing modern technology can be the difference between a successful business and failure. Identifying key areas to focus on, and potentially digitalise, can give your workforce the freedom to thrive.


HR and Business Support

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