HR Solutions Webinar
Return to Work: Practical Guidance for Employers

In this webinar recording we discuss the practical issues a company needs to consider including: un-furloughing staff; resource requirements; and any associated redundancy or lay-off considerations post furlough. We also discuss the practical steps to consider when employees are returning to their normal place of work, which is likely to still include some social distancing. HR Solutions are joined by Dean Howells, Managing Director, from Essential Safety who will discuss practical steps to consider and risk assessments you can undertake on your working environment before you can allow employees to return to the workplace.

Questions and Answers

HR Solutions had a significant number of questions raised during the webinar, some of which we ran out of time to respond to.  Therefore, we provide a summary ‘Return to Work Guide’ of the questions and our responses split into HR and Health and Safety related questions. The Health and Safety answers have been provided by Essential Safety.

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