Performance reviews can be a waste of time if the process does not align with your company goals.

The Dinamiks EPDR system automates the process, making information easier to manage and ensuring that your employees are working towards the objectives of the business.

Your employees will also benefit from a personal development plan that identifies their own areas for improvement and records their progress against development targets. The Dinamiks EPDR will help to increase the output and effectiveness of your employees.

What does the Dinamiks EPDR do?

Aligns staff and business objectives.
Supports the setting of effective and measurable objectives.
Covers competency, performance and development and company values.
Supports regular progression checks via review meetings.
Provides analytical reports on staff progress.

The implementation is fast and simple, and as the service is browser-based it means there is nothing to install on your hardware. The initial configuration takes just a few minutes, after which your employees can access their accounts 24/7.

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