This is a recording of our webinar on “Managing the impact of Brexit” recording in October 2016.

It’s hard to believe but it’s now three months since the momentous Brexit vote.

Brexit still appears in the news headlines on a daily basis, and whilst most of us would welcome a clear way forward, it would seem that we are going to be managing in a period of uncertainty for at least the next couple of years. Other than the immediate impact of fluctuations in exchange rates and share prices etc, reports that suggest that things have changed/ improved/ worsened since the vote can be misleading, because of course whilst we may have voted to leave the EU, we haven’t actually done so yet, so most business continues as normal.

So how best to plan for this and to reduce risk? The key factors will be clear communications to allay fears; steps to reduce the risk of discrimination against current workers; and some degree of risk assessment to ensure that businesses are prepared for a range of scenarios.

This webinar has been designed to explore the impact on employers, as well as put forward and discuss practical solutions to managing the impact of Brexit.

Further Brexit and HR Guidance

Visit our Brexit Business Preparation website page for more suggestions on how an organisation as a whole may identify the potential impact that Brexit could have on its operation; as well as get practical HR and employment legislation guidance on how businesses can get ready for Brexit.

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