Employing People
10 Things You Need to Get Right

In this free virtual seminar, our HR Knowledge Manager, Victoria Templeton, discusses EMPLOYING PEOPLE: 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO GET RIGHT.  The seminar is at The Midlands Business Network Virtual Expo, 25 March 2021.

Recently the UK has seen the biggest overhaul to employment rights for decades. Put Brexit into that mix, and employment practices are set to look significantly different in the future. ​ This session covers 10 key fundamentals of employing people and will identify recent changes you need to know so that you are not caught out.

Topics include: what’s new about contracts – including what should be in them, who they should go to and when they must be issued; essential policies employers must legally have as a minimum; right to work checks and employing people from outside the UK post-Brexit; what to pay people and how payslips have changed; adhering to the working time regulations – including holiday and maximum working hours; statutory rights to family friendly leave arrangements; getting disciplinaries and grievances right – and more!


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