HR Solutions Webinar:
Why you need to train all staff in diversity and inclusion!

If you have an Equal Opportunities policy and provide some training to staff, then you may think that you are protected against any discrimination claims, but are you? This webinar highlights some interesting case law and the importance of effective training. In this session we explore why having a diversity or equal opportunities policy is not enough and the risks of not training your staff.


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Diversity and Inclusion Training
Continual Professional Development (CPD)

This, CPD accredited, half day management development training course celebrates equality and inclusion and highlights the advantage of having a diverse workforce.  It reminds attendees of the, often hard fought for, legislation that underpins the Equality Act 2010, and challenges stereotypes. It also helps managers to understand that some actions require some lateral thinking to ensure that they are not discriminating against a certain group of staff, even indirectly.  Find out more about diversity and inclusion training.