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Salesforce CEO tackling gender pay gap

By October 11, 2017March 25th, 2019Current Affairs, Top Tip
Gender Pay Gap | HR Solutions

It’s no secret that gender pay gap has become a huge and contentious issue across the globe. Despite many companies now doing everything they can to address it, there are many still lagging behind. Leading the way in the U.S. in the battle to shrink the gender pay gap is Salesforce’s CEO, Marc Benioff. He recently came second in the ‘Global Champions of Women in Business’ list compiled by Financial Times and Heroes


Current figures show that although the global pay gap is narrowing gradually, it is still an unfortunate truth that women only earn on average 85% of what males in exactly the same position would expect to earn.

How Salesforce have tackled the issue

Salesforce, provider of cloud-based customer service tools, employs around 25,000 staff. The firm began to address the issue of a gender pay gap in 2015 during a company-wide review of employee pay. The review discovered a difference in pay levels between male and female employees. Salesforce initially spent aroundaround $3 million on tackling the gender pay gap issue. Then at the start of 2017, the company undertook another assessment along the same lines. This saw a further $3 million spent on closing the pay gap. In total, around 2,750 workers had their salaries adjusted this year.

Mr Benioff has said he plans to continue using such assessment methods until the company reaches a stage where there is no discrepancy. He wants all staff to reasonably expect to earn the same as each other.

Going the extra mile Benioff does everything possible to address the pay gap. He also wants to ensure that women play a key role within the company. Benioff has introduced targets such as, including at least 30% of women in attendance for every meeting. This means that women have a greater chance to have a say in the way the company is run, and influence key decisions.

What is your company doing to close the gender pay gap? Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss setting up procedures and documentation to help your company further in relation to the gender pay gap.

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