Resource Planning Review

At HR Solutions we understand the difficulty of keeping up with the ever changing guidance in relation to the Corona Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) (Furlough Scheme), and that many businesses need additional support to discuss options in relation to the resource planning of their requirements going forward; especially when they cannot use the furlough scheme.

As part of this resource planning review, a HR Consultant will discuss with you the different options available to your business in relation to support from the Government.  The HR Consultant will also explore with you your resource requirements going forward; whether that be bringing people back to work or right-sizing your workforce.

Scoping Call

In this first call, the HR Consultant will explore your current situation. We will also be looking to find out more about your Company. At the end of this call, the HR Consultant will advise you of additional information needed for the next call.

Resource Planning Call

This is the main discussion and advice part of this service. The HR Consultant will have signposted you to any additional information needed as part of the scoping call. The HR Consultant will discuss all the options available to you, as well as provide insight as to what each of these options mean for you.

Bespoke Report

The HR Consultant will provide a summary report of the discussion from the resource planning call. This will include all the guidance needed to move forward with you plans.

As part of the resource planning call, we can discuss any aspect of resource planning, but will focus on:

  • Furlough extension
  • Un-furlough
  • Flexible furlough
  • Continued homeworking
  • Lay Offs
  • Short-time working
  • Redundancy
  • Flexible Working
  • Recruitment

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