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Retained EU law Reform Bill: January 2023 Update

Retained EU Law

At the end of last year, the Retained EU Law (Reform and Revocation) Bill was introduced which, if passed, would lead to most of the UK’s retained EU laws ceasing to remain in force as of 31 December 2023. Stay up to date with all of the latest updates regarding the bill, by keeping an eye on our dedicated European Law Reform Hub, which will be updated as and when new updates are released.

This month, the Bill had its third reading in the House of Commons in which MPs debated amendments that had been put forward and subsequently had its 1st reading in the House of Lords.

Many of the amendments put forward and are being considered are technical, but three of particular interest are:

  1. That the Government issue a list of all legislation that is to be revoked at least three months before the sunset deadline (31 December 2023)
  2. The sunset clause contained within the Bill is pushed back. The Bill in its current form indicates that from 31 December 2023, most of the UK’s retained EU laws will no longer remain in force (unless otherwise agreed by parliament). The amendment is to delay this date to 2026.
  3. Several amendments relating to the further protection of workers’ rights.

The next stage is for the Bill to have its 2nd reading in the House of Lords on 6 February 2023.

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