Why do companies use psychometrc testing?

Many companies use psychometric testing as a powerful tool to aid in their recruitment efforts. If used correctly, psychometric testing allows the business to fine tune their recruitment process and ensure they are bringing the right people on board.

Psychometric testing provides a rounded view of a candidate including their logical processes, aptitude for problem-solving, or ability to interpret and analyse a range of data.

Psychometric testing is also a useful tool to provide clear insight into your employees’ or future employees’ personality traits, meaning you can better position them throughout the workforce, or see how they will fit in to the existing team prior to joining your company.

How does it work?

Through our partnership with Evolve Assess, our clients can benefit from access to psychometric tests devised by BPS registered psychologists and audited by the British Assessment Bureau. You will have access to a customised, visual platform where employees or candidates take single or multiple tests, based on your requirements.

  1. The candidates or employees that you select will then be invited to take the test, online, directly from the platform, with a deadline, and with the ability for us to send reminders and give individuals a nudge if needed.
  2. Once the test(s) are complete they will show on the platform, and we will then forward the resulting reports to you whilst guiding you through the next steps in the process.
  3. The reports are easy to understand, they include feedback from the data in a visual way and offer feedback about the individual so that you can explore with the person further.

What's included?

Our psychometric testing service* includes:

  • Feedback and analysis of your test data and responses
  • Tests for recruitment and employee development
  • Tools and insight to improve your interview process
  • Four categories of testing
  • Visual, easy to understand data
  • A wide range of tests to find the perfect fit for your requirements.

If you have our HR Enhanced service, your HR Consultant will help you to identify the right tests for your candidates or employees; analyse and understand the results; and help you to use your results to inform your HR strategy. This will ensure that you recruit the best candidates, and develop and upskill your team.

*Prices are charged per test.

When would psychometric testing be useful?

Personality tests

Personality tests are useful in conjunction with an interview, in order to help decide between equally good candidates for a role, or where there is a concern with candidate that a personality test might shed more light on.

Ability tests

Ability tests are great for specific kinds of role, such as a numerical aptitude test for someone moving into their first finance role, a mechanical comprehension test for a graduate electrical engineer or a verbal reasoning test for someone going into their first management role.

Situational judgement tests

Situational judgement tests are tailored to specific jobs, such as contact centre work and customer service environments.

Learning and development

Where clients hold development centres to help with succession planning, adding an ability test, a personality test, or a 360 questionnaire would be a useful addition to group exercises and interviews.

Delving into 360 degree feedback can be an enlightening process for many managers, gaining that view from those they work for, their colleagues and those that work for them.

This could be the result of a grievance against a manager, a poor performance process – or more positively, in response to succession planning needs and team development at work, to unlock employee potential.


✔️Aptitude Tests from £25 per test

✔️Situation Judgement Tests from £25 per test

✔️Personality Questionnaires from £60 per test

✔️360 Questionnaires from £80 per test


Suitable for:

Graduates, professionals, managers & directors
High level apprentices & graduates
Customer service & operational roles.

Judgement Tests

Suitable for:

Retail Customer Service, Graduates, Managers,
Residential & Home Care, Contact Centres,
Customer Service, Sales.

Personality & 360

Suitable for:

Teams that have at least three levels of responsibilities.

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