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More healthcare professionals to certify fit notes

Major changes are occurring in regard to the issuing of fit notes (statement of fitness for work). With effect from 1st July 2022, there will be new legislation that will give authority to more healthcare professionals to be able to legally certify and issue fit notes. This will include nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and pharmacists.

Currently, it is only a GP who has authority in issuing fit notes, so this change, which is the first change since the introduction of the fit note in 2010 will help to relieve pressures currently placed upon doctors.

This change will enable fitness for work advice to be certified by the most relevant healthcare professional, allowing employees to have more informed conversations about work and health with their employers.

When an employee is signed off due to illness or injury for seven consecutive calendar days or more, they are required to submit a Statement of Fitness for Work, ‘fit note’, to their employer.

These fit notes not only act as evidence for an employee’s absence and support in the payment of statutory sick pay, but they also provide useful information on how to best support the employee’s absence in relation to remaining off or returning to work.

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