Sue brings HR and management knowledge to the HR Solutions team, offering her clients extensive support for their HR needs.

Sue is a great leader and has managed a HR team in the insurance sector, prior to joining HR Solutions. Sue is a highly qualified HR consultant (MCIPD) and has worked for numerous companies in both the public and private sector.

Sue’s experience is incredibly valuable to the HR Solutions team; from working in education to waste management, Sue has a breadth of knowledge which can be applied to her role on a daily basis.

Sue likes to keep active during her free time and loves to take long countryside walks whenever possible.

Sue’s Q&A

What’s your greatest Personal Achievement?

From a personal point of view – jumping out of a plane with just me and the parachute. The feeling of floating through the sky was amazing, and landing on the cross was definitely a bonus.

What’s the Best Advise you have ever been given?

Never be afraid to bring your true self to work – it is what makes you who you are.

What is your favourite film?

My favourite film must be The Imitation Game.  I was never one for history at school, but this film really bought local history to life.

What do you wish other people knew about HR Solutions?

What makes HR Solutions so great is the fantastic team, everyone is so helpful and supportive. The other incredible thing is the amount of knowledge within the team and also available in the Knowledge Base.