Ruth joined HR Solutions in December 2015 having gained extensive experience of facilities management for a variety of large private sector firms.

Her CV includes roles with TNT, Carillion, G4S and Amazon, sometimes managing the HR operations for thousands of employees at a time. This has given her the skills and knowledge that she needs to deal with some of our biggest clients.

From working across both the private and public sectors she understands the demands that different businesses face, and is bringing this expertise to our clients.

Ruth’s Q&A’s

What’s your greatest personal achievement?

In 2011 G4S sent me to Baghdad to manage a sensitive on-site investigation. It was post-war, pre-ISIS, and it was absolutely terrifying.

I stayed in a villa like the sort that you would find in Spain. There was a gym on the roof, but the guides told me that I couldn’t go up there because there might be snipers!

What's your favourite ice cream?

Now I have a strong opinion on this one. Obviously it’s chocolate, but it’s just a case of what type of chocolate; it could be Fish Food, it could be Chocolate Fondant or it could be Chocolate Brownie. All of these are absolutely fine as long as they’ve got chocolate sauce on top. Do you notice a theme here?

What do you wish other people knew about HR Solutions?

We’ve got very professional HR people. The Consultants here know so much, not just about case work but also from a business and financial point of view, and that’s a huge bonus for our clients.